Baby Docking Stations

Observations at 2 months postpartum & 8 weeks of motherhood

Mommy Fail #3! The 5-hour nap!

I let my newborn cry it out… kind of…

Mommy Fail #1

To Bathe or Not to Bathe a Newborn… Everyday!

Please go to sleep. cont...

Please go to sleep.


6 week old baby... makes all the difference!

6 weeks old and he's all smiles!

Breastfeeding… the hardest most frustrating thing in the Galaxy!

6 weeks Postpartum (Cesarean)

If you get in the way of me taking care of my kid... I will kick your ass!

Parenting requires a cohesive team

Parenting by the book is not for me

He is still a slug, but a cute one!

Survival Guide to the first few months of parenting

Sleepless in Mommyville cont...

Sleepless in mommyville

Beware of caffeine when breastfeeding!

This baby thing ain't easy folks!

Observations and lessons learned during week 4 of parenthood