This baby thing ain't easy folks!

Not that I was told having a baby was easy. I just never fathomed it would be so hard.  I am 30 days into mommy hood and I am still clueless!  I try to read books, ask questions and listen to his cues and of course my instinct, but none are making parenting that much easier.  So far the constant feedings, lack of any type of routine and the dreaded "over tired baby" are the culprits of my angst, confusion and well frustration!

The whole over tired thing is so confusing to me. No book or been-there-done-that mom can help me to know that exact point of, "quick get him to sleep now before it's next to impossible!" At 4 weeks he stays awake a little longer than last week, but not much. I know newborns can sleep an awful lot, but what about stimulation and tummy time and baths, how much is enough or too much? I'm still trying to figure it all out.

Today I tried to keep him up longer during the day, but that full on back fired when he took a four hour nap and blew out the night time routine, all be it the three day old night time routine. Now I wonder do I bathe him now after feeding? No, I don't think so. It's too late. Meaning poor dude is not having a bath tonight, and may wake up with itchy booty. Am I bad mom?  I feel bad, but I know I could fail at worse so moving on... (Yes I'm talking to myself. You are just witnessing my insanity)

Moving on to... Feeding and over feeding and is that possible? I know a breastfed baby is typically more in tune with feeling full than it's formula fed counter parts, but I'm pretty sure my man will take a boob 24/7! I've also learned how much it calms him down, so when all else fails once he's crossed WAY over into over tired land the boob is our friend. My research said to offer him the breast he last fed on since it will be less full, still giving the good rich hind milk or possibly even empty which is a good thing when all I'm trying to do is calm him down.

Today was not one of our better days. But, on a good note I learned my lesson to just go with his cues first, not try to follow my books or recommendation of other mothers. He's only 4 weeks so there is plenty of time to get the routine down. I realize now that both Ollie and I suffer when I don't listen to him or my own instincts. As much as I want to win mother of the year, I know it's not going to happen by trying to live up to the standards set by moms and professionals, they don't have my super human son. I have to set my own bar, and know that it's ok to have a bad day, because tomorrow is on it's way and will be heaps better!

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