Beware of caffeine when breastfeeding!

Damn caffeine is the Devil! I was so tired this morning I decided to have coffee with breakfast. Still sluggish at lunch I opted for sweet tea instead of water. Well Eff me, by 3pm I had the fussiest baby in the galaxy. Not only was he fussy, he was wired and refused to take a nap. I didn't really figure out it was the caffeine devil until he had been up for nearly 4 hours, wide eyed and showing no signs of going to sleep.

I had no idea what to do. I just kept feeding him, changing him and trying to sooth him to sleep... For 10 straight hours he would doze off for an hour after feeding and pop right back up, wired an hour later! I had no idea caffeine would do that to my baby. Why don't the professionals tell breastfeeding mothers to steer way ass clear of it?

Here I know I said I was not a professional anything and not to listen to me, but just this one time go ahead and listen, beware of caffeine if you are breastfeeding, it will jack up your baby for hours!

It's 1:35am and I'm too tired to finish working on the original post I had for today. All I can manage to do well right now is bitch! I thought I was tired when I woke up, well right now I'm so far past tired it's not right. I'm never touching caffeine again!!! ... Ok while breastfeeding...

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