He is still a slug, but a cute one!

My son is a slug. At 5 weeks he still just kind of lays there wiggling. He's got a little personality coming through but not much... Yet! He's funny when he's hungry, screaming and rooting for booby. And he's really great about focusing on strange objects and bright colors. But, there's still no smile or real recognition of dad or me. He does turn his head to our voices and focuses in on our faces, but dammit I WANT THAT SMILE!!!

I keep talking to him hoping to see that smile meant just for me. I'm really starting to crave some feedback. Well, the kind of feedback that is not in the form of screaming! He is so cute and so sweet and beyond precious, but being the selfish brat that I am, I want more!

I know that smile is supposed to come soon. Every morning I go into his crib and give him a big smile and my sweetest voice hoping to get the, yay its mommy smile, but still nothing yet. Boo!!!

I keep telling myself to embrace his little slug-like qualities. I know I need to hold on to each moment because they go so fast. I'm just a shit I suppose. Dad thinks he gets little half smiles and we certainly get "gas smiles" all of the time. Which I still don't understand, if he knows how to smile, why won't he do it for me? How can passing gas be more wonderful than mommy?? Geez!!

Oh well, maybe tomorrow... For now, I will just continue slobbering all over his face, feet, and hands like a mommy slug.

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