If you get in the way of me taking care of my kid... I will kick your ass!

If you read my "tired of being pregnant" blog then you know I wanted to punch my husband. Very hard. Repeatedly. Daily. Between the hormones and his annoying habits, he held the title for #1 on my shit list nearly the entire 10 months. Well, since I have delivered our son, I have come closer to actually punching him than ever. Thanks to the still raging hormones and our differences in parenting, I'm near my wits end!

It's so hard to be a first time parent. It's even more difficult when you are being questioned, ignored and told your wrong constantly! I will do what ever it takes to make sure my son is as happy as possible, including but not limited to, EVERYTHING! My husband will not, like some how we already need to start toughening up our newborn! I refuse to let my son "cry it out" or let him be wet or hungry one second longer than necessary. My husband is the fool that thinks because it's a "12-hour diaper" it's good for the full 12 hours!

I will admit I am a control freak, have issues with delegation and a perfectionist to a obnoxious fault. BUT!! I also have read a ridiculous amount of books, talked to and asked questions of as many mothers as I could find, have 4 nephews I have been very closely involved in the raising of and now have a mothers instinct, so get out if my effing way, my son needs me and I know what he wants!

Co parenting is hell! I have been told that I am so lucky my husband is so involved and hands on. At times I understand, but most times I think it would be easier if he just let me parent the way I want and follow the/my plan.

Oh my it is so frustrating when Oliver is crying and I have to stand by and let my husband try his method. I know Ollie is half his and I have to respect that. I try my hardest to stand by (hide in the bedroom with a pillow over my head) while dad tries to sort out Ollie when he's tired. I know how to get that boy to sleep in minutes, dad... Not so much! Yet dad will not listen to my suggestions on how to do it. WTF?!

I pray it gets better, because at this point I cannot imagine fighting with my husband like this for much longer. The man shits me to tears and that's not a good one! I have had so many friends tell me that the fighting is normal and will go away... I just wonder if it will happen before I kick his ass!

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