Please go to sleep.

March 23, 2012
Dear Oliver. Please go to sleep honey. Mommy is about to loose her mind!

Today was a busy day for all three of us. So poor Ollie's nap time was a ride in the car, a ride in the stroller and then an hour or so in his swing. God help us all, this baby is so tired it's devastating.

I have been trying to get him to sleep for hours. My second feeding just passed and thankfully he seems to be falling asleep from this one... I'm barely breathing, moving or doing anything that might stir him. Oh it's so hard getting a baby to sleep sometimes!

Anybody out there have any tricks to help us first timers along? I need a miracle!! And some sleep too... I'll write the follow up to this in a few hours to let you all know if I lost my mind or if Ollie actually went to sleep. I seriously feel like he's going to stay up all night at this point!

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