My baby is losing his hair in a funny pattern!

I knew that babies lose hair after birth, but I thought it was all at once! It turns out, thanks no longer passing hair growth hormones, a phase called “telogen” sets in, causing a newborn’s hair to fall out, and for some baby’s all at once! The phase is immediately followed up with a new phase of hair growth.

For us, Oliver lost all the hair on the top of his head in the first 4 weeks. Then his hair stopped falling out. Now in the last week (week 9), this perfect line of hair loss around his head has formed. What got me confused is why the top, then the line around the sides, but nothing else?

Right Side
Left Side
Top Side
Ollie was born with a full head of brown hair. The new hair growth appears to be a light brown to blonde color, but who knows until it all falls out, then grows back. I just hope the cycle happens sooner than later. I wish it would have all fallen out at the same time.

I found out a newborn's hormone levels drop right after birth, which can cause the hair loss. The same applies to new moms. So if you find yourself going bald too... Good News, that's normal! > ; o

Some babies lose their hair in such a way that it never looks like they lost any at all.  The old hair falls out as the new hair grows back. So not all babies go bald, just like some are born with hair some without. Babies lose their hair in different patterns and stages from the next, and most times it grows back a different color than they were born with.

To care for baby’s hair during this phase try the following:

Don’t wash your baby’s hair every day. Particularly with newborns, there’s just no need. Aim for a quick shampoo when you bathe your baby, which doesn’t need to be more often than a couple times a week.

Be extra gentle during shampoos. Normal washing can stress hair follicles and speed up hair loss or breakage.

Detangle after bath gently with a very soft brush wide-toothed comb.

Avoid headbands or ponytails that pull your baby’s hair back too tightly, which can damage it.

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Kitten said...

The line is where his head is rubbing against the beds and floors and stuff he is laying against. Also, normally your baby's head grows very quickly at the top so it thins out what little hair they have so it looks like it has fallen out or stopped growing. Nathan had the same problem and Noelle is also experiencing it, but she's got a much healthier fringe of monk hair. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh April, he is too cute!!! And don't worry, Cooper's hair is doing the same. I'm pretty sure Cooper is going to be a red head like his Daddy though! - Kate

Alissa said...

I just want to pinch his little cheeks! What a cutie! Yes... James has also lost all of his hair, but it's starting to grow back now. When he was born he was a very strawberry blond and it's growing back white blond. He has a very fine layer of peach fuzz now.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Thank you!! I bet James is super cute too! I'm loving the peach fuzz. I hope you both are doing well!!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

I think Ollie might be a perfect mix between daddys red and mommys blonde. I can't wait too see!! I can't wait to see the two of them together! Born on the same date but Coopers a day older. I love that!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

I think it's his car seat...