Observations at 2 months postpartum & 8 weeks of motherhood

Observations at 2 months postpartum & 8 weeks of motherhood

Why do we refer to our normal lives in months, but our babies in weeks? I actually prefer saying “he’s 2 months old.” over“he’s 8 weeks” because 8 seems like such a high number for my little baby! How in the hell have two months,8friggin-weeks, gone by already? I Just delivered my baby! Who the hell pressed fast forward on time? How in the hell is my maternity leave over? WTF!!! NOOOOO!! Slow down!

I say slow down, but I also find myself fantasizing about my son's first words, or first steps or even better, first poo poo in the 'potty instead of in mommy’s hand in the middle of the night! I need to just embrace every minute as best I can. I realize though that the first 6 weeks are such a blur of feedings and sleep deprivation. It goes by fast because there is just no sense of time nor is there any real quality time to be had in that craziness.

Anyways. Here goes my top 20 list…

  1. 3 Cheers for being a mommy! I LOVE IT!
  2. My son is absolutely fabulous! Perfect, wonderful, amazing, sweet, gifted, adorable…. Oh, I could list adjectives for him all day and not one bad one!
  3. I have been peed on and crapped on so many times I don’t even care anymore.
  4. The Hubs and I have found a happy common ground, FINALLY! We are starting to co-parent really well.
  5. Now that there is a semi-routine going I am sleeping better. Or maybe just dealing with the short bursts of sleep better.
  6. Now that my son can pull my hair… OUT OF MY HEAD! I need a haircut or a permanent ponytail. Porn stars don’t lose as much hair in a month as I do in a day!
  7. I HAVE BREASTFED FOR TWO MONTHS!! That is so amazing to say! It is by far one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life.
  8. Besides the flabby ass and boobs hanging down to my knees, I’d say I am fully recovered from pregnancy and my C-Section!
  9. I need to do some serious ab/core exercises because leaning over the tub at bath time is really hard on my back. I even have a “bath time kneeling pad” I also try to engage my abs when leaning over the tub. Nothing helps. I usually let daddy do bath time due to the discomfort, which totally sucks!
  10. My face is a broken out mess! I am not sure why, but it’s worse than pregnancy!
  11. As if pregnancy didn’t make a big enough joke of my body and emotions, as a parting gift for every pound I lose, an effing stretch mark shows up in its place on my thighs. WHAT IS THAT SHIT?!
  12. I am eating twice as much as I did during pregnancy… And LOSING WEIGHT! Hell yeah!
  13. I try on my favorite pair of jeans every Sunday. I Think I am only 2-3 Sundays away from buttoning those puppies! And maybe only 4-6 weeks away from wearing them out of the house!
  14. I drink SO much water and yet I am still so dehydrated all of the time! I even keep a slab of bottled water in the trunk of my car. I ALWAYS have water close by. I do not drink anything else.
  15. I cannot believe I am still eating prenatal vitamins (for breastfeeding) and wearing maternity clothes! Next, to the insane gas and constipation, those are the other two things I hated the most during pregnancy!
  16. Speaking of gas… The hubs cannot believe he survived my pregnancy gas only to have a son who blows his hand off his butt when he farts and on one occasion possibly came close to singing the hairs off daddy’s chest with his precursor to a blowout.
  17. Now that Oliver can smile and coo, I find myself talking to him all day just begging for that super cute grin and heart-melting “Coooooohhhhh” I LOVE IT!!!
  18. There is no feeling in the world that compares to the euphoria I feel when I take a deep breath, relax and hold my son close to my heart. He brings me so much peace and joy in the quiet moments. There just are no words to explain it.
  19. I still find myself asking Ollie, “What’s wrong?” and begging him to go to sleep… Like I seriously expect a response or a positive result. Yet, when daddy does it I call him a ding-a-ling.
  20. Did I already mention that MY SON IS AWESOME? Because HE IS!

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