Sleepless in Mommyville cont...

YAY FOR SLEEP!  I slept from 10:30pm til 5:30am solid! Unfortunately, I woke up to the fattest sorest boobies ever. I laid there trying to decide if I should pump a little to release the pain or wait for Ollie to wake up.  I have found that it is actually very difficult for him to latch when I'm so engorged.  Luckily, I passed back out while I was trying to decide.  At 7am Ollie woke me up and oh my did I feel good!

My dear husband stayed up until 4am to feed him his bottle to make sure he didn't wake me up crying.  I am one lucky girl for that, trust me I know!  I really felt great. I fed Ollie and went back to bed.  I woke up at 10 am feeling like a semi-normal person.  So amazing!  I even spent the day trying to take it easy so I wouldn't over do it like I love to do so much.  And then thanks to an email from one of my great readers, Cooper's Mommy!  At her insistence I still took a nap this afternoon when Ollie did.  I probably would not other wise, so thank you my friend for the email.  I am typing wide eyed and bushy tailed thanks to you!

There is not enough I can say about the direct correlation I feel between sleep and depression.  If I'm tired I feel agitated and at times hopeless.  When I am rested I think there is hope and I can do this mommy thing another day.  The breast feeding is still killing me, but I am just not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Oh, this whole first time mom thing is such a learning process and adventure.  While it is anything but easy, I do love being a mommy to my super human baby boy!

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