Shit Wars

Mommy (and Daddy!) Fail #5

My Baby is three months old today!

3 months postpartum-What to Wear?

Enjoy every second...

What has First Time Dad been up to you ask...

Mommy Power Hour!

Going from mommy to me

Words of wisdom...

Flat out exhusted but a super hero

My baby is losing his hair in a funny pattern!

Loosing the Postpartum baby weight.

Going back to work after maternity leave.

Precious MOMents

I delivered my brain with the baby!

Happy Easter!

The Domestic Goddess

Mommy Fail #4 No Infant Tylenol/Pain Reliever

2-month Well Baby Check-up

Goodbye Narcissistic Super Mum High Horse. Hello less anxiety and happy marriage!

Mother Knows Best!