I delivered my brain with the baby!

“Pregnancy Brain” was my constant excuse for forgetting events and conversations I had during pregnancy. Now, somehow after delivery I am even dumber!  I know, I didn’t think is was possible either? I just apologize and tell people that I delivered my brain with the baby. I thought “Pregnancy Brain” was bad, but I have quickly come to realize that when I was pregnant at least I had a brain! 

Since delivery I have lost both my short and long-term memory. I can walk away from a conversation without any recollection of what was talked about. I am not even sure what I had for breakfast! While I think it is mostly due to the lack of sleep, I’m still incredibly embarrassed and annoyed by my current state if mindlessness!

I forget when I fed the baby, whether or not I changed him after feeding him, I forget to call people back, pay bills and if I don’t make a list before going to the store I will not buy one thing I went in after! Ladies, it’s hard to admit this but… I have gone into Target and only spent $10!  I nearly cried when I walked out with a Shirt from the clearance rack and a bottle of water. Dear God, I feel like I sinned against womanhood! I used to walk into Target and spend $100 before aisle 10!

I joke about being a post delivery dingbat, but it has REALLY been an embarrassing situation.  I have had people tell me that they met me during my pregnancy but I cannot remember for the life of me being at the event let alone meeting them there! I lose things all of the time. What has become really frustrating is that I cannot find the words I need to tell my husband where something is or what I need, I just go blank.  Oh I hate being stupid of front of him!

I know my lack of sleep is the main culprit here, but I really think some sort of hormone is also to blame. A friend of mine said it was because I am constantly focused on my baby and what he needs.  I can kind of see how that could be true as well.  All I know is that I am a full on scatterbrain and it’s beyond annoying. I have been told this is only temporary and that my mind will return sooner than later. I need “sooner” to mean 8am Monday morning because I have to go back to work this week and with the brain I am trying to pass off…  I should be unemployed by the end of the week!

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