Mommy Fail #4 No Infant Tylenol/Pain Reliever

Oh, this fail may be my worst yet… NO, it is!  I was warned that at our 2-month well baby check up we would get vaccinations.  That warning came with instructions to give baby Tylenol if he gets fussy.  I heard the words, I just didn’t register the fact that I didn’t have any Tylenol. 

It gets worse… When the doctor told us all of the side effects of the vaccinations he as well told us to give him Tylenol if he gets upset or runs a fever.  Then the nurse comes in to give him the vaccinations.  She, as well, tells us the side effects and mentions the ever-popular Baby Tylenol. Again, I heard the words, but not the warning I guess. Hell, I don’t know what I was hearing or thinking.  I DON’T OWN BABY TYLENOL!  Why didn’t I register that in my head?

Ollie got his shots like a champ!  He cried of course, calmed down easily and passed out. Fast forward to two hours later… Ollie wakes up from his nap screaming bloody murder.  At first I thought it was because he was really hungry.  Not so much!  Poor guy tried to eat but he was clearly way to uncomfortable to latch on to eat.  So now I have a hungry baby in pain.  SHIT SHIT SHIT!  I pull off his clothes and see that his leg is red and warm in the injection site, luckily the other leg was fine. I call the doctor hoping there is something I can do to fix this with out the damn Tylenol.  I was told to put a cool compress (washcloth) on his leg and to go to the store and get the damn baby pain reliever. 

Holy Shit, I drove like a freaking maniac!  I cut through a parking lot to avoid a light, I cussed at every idiot in my way, I was road rage at its finest hour.  When I got home I found dad and Ollie calm and quiet in the nursery.  As soon as Ollie saw me he let out a scream.  Oh, it broke my heart!  I gave him the miracle pain reliever and rocked him, careful not to put any pressure on his legs.  He finally calmed down enough to eat and then passed back out.  Poor guy slept from 3pm until 7am.  I had to wake him up for the first few feedings until he did it on his own at midnight. Thankfully, by morning he was all better. He only needed the one dose of pain reliever.

PLEASE LEARN FROM ME ON THIS ONE!  If you do not have any infant pain reliever, GO GET IT!  If you are expecting, GO GET IT! Own it or face the consequences I did.  

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