2-month Well Baby Check-up

Today we had our routine 2-month “well-baby” check up. I get excited for these check ups. Its like we are going in for a test of how awesome my baby is doing, and since he is over the top awesome, it’s a chance for me to show off my baby and be told,” yep, you are right! Your baby is the most wonderful fantastic little guy to ever grace our doors!” Ok, so I say that and they nod their heads in agreement. They can clearly see that I am “one of those moms” who is psycho and will smack you if you do not agree.

The whole check-up was completely routine, weight- 13.2 pounds. 23.5 inches long. Both weight and length put us in the 75th percentile on the baby chart. which means if the doctor lined up 100 babies born on the same day as Ollie, He would be 75th in line of height and weight. My doctor said the scale is really made up from thousands of kids around the country.

I like getting a gauge of where Ollie is developmentally, but the percentile chart can be a big load of wank too. I think Oliver is in a massive growth spurt right now. He is eating 5.5 ounces of booby milk every three hours like clock work, even at night! Then the other day slept all day and night only waking for feedings. I think he is 75th today because he grew more than the next kid this week. Don’t get me wrong I am stoked to know that Oliver is developing well and my milk is more than enough to keep him on track.

Next the doc came in, looked him over and said what I wanted to hear, you know, about how awesome he was! Then he dropped a possible bomb. Ollie still has swelling in his legs and sac, which could possibly mean he has a hernia. It’s still too early to tell but it’s something we have to keep a close eye on. He’s just my lil’ breech boy, I know he will be ok.

After the doc was finished checking him out I pulled out my long list of questions…

  1. Frustrating Gas. Poor guy will wake from a deep sleep scream out, fart and pass back out… 5 times a day! Doc said it really is normal in newborns. They just are not sure how to let the gas pass peacefully so they fight it. He also asked me if I had cut Dairy out of my diet. (dairy proteins can pass through breast milk) I have except for cheese… I suck! I have even gone so far as to start drinking almond milk and eating coconut milk yogurts. I’m freaking trying over here! He gave us some special gas drops and said give him 3 at the start of the early morning feeding and see how he does.
  2. Belly Sleeping- I told him Ollie loved it, and slept really well on his tummy. Oh man did I get the “I’m so disappointed in you look.” Apparently belly sleeping is Super Bad! He said it increases the chance of SIDS/Cot death by 50%, there is no benefits to it and if he gets used to it he will sleep like that when he can roll over. Hubs has always been against me putting Ollie on his belly. Needless to say, thanks to my big mouth Ollie is on his back for good.
  3. Vitamins- I asked if I should be giving some to Ollie directly in addition to my prenatal, I’m passing to him through the breast he should be getting vitamin D and iron. There are drops you can buy in the store for infants that have both in them.
  4. Red mark on back of head- Lil man has a small circle on the back of his head and a small line along his neck that look like a bruise. Good news! It’s a cluster of capillaries that will fade over time. I was afraid it was from laying on his head for too long.
  5. Cradle Cap- Last week Ollie had a dry flakey scalp. One of my favorite Mommy Friends told me to try massaging Olive Oil into his scalp then brushing out the flakes with a toothbrush. I did it 2 nights in a row before bath and his head has been great since. The doc said he looked good and couldn't even tell there had been any dry skin in the first place. Also, once the cradle CRAPOLA is cured it rarely comes back. So, yay!

Last we got 3 rounds of vaccinations… UGH! I feel so bad for the guy. He got two shots,one in each thigh and an oral one. He had a bit of a delayed reaction but oncehe felt the burn he screamed and I nearly cried too! About a minute later he was calm and 5 minutes latersleeping. I thought it was goingto be SO much worse… it was.. stay tuned for toimorrows Mommy fail...

Our next Well Baby check-up along with another round of vaccinationsis in two months. I hate the vaccinations so much for Ollie. I hate them for me, I feel like devilmom holding him down. As much as I love showing off how awesome Ollie is, I’mno longer looking forward to these appointments. Ahh the joys of motherhood…

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