Loosing the Postpartum baby weight.

I nearly titled this post DON'T GO IN THERE!! "There" being the fitting room, especially with clothes that are two sizes too small! I went shopping today and came home battered and abused by too small clothes sizes and fitting room mirrors. And it was all my stupid fault! 2 1/2 months postpartum I am in the strangest spot in regard to clothing. I'm too small (Thank God) for my maternity, but still too big (unfortunately) for my prebaby clothes.

I have some serious weight loss to make happen before the summer months arrive if I plan to fit into any of my existing summer outfits. I'm still breastfeeding so the college diet is out--crash dieting, cigarettes and caffeine. My only choice is to loose weight the old fashion way-healthy diet and exercise. This of course will include making wise nutrition choices, not over eating, try not to cheat... too much, and exercise. I'm human I never hold myself to ridiculous goals, cheating has to happen to stay on course. Crap false goals are the fastest way to sabotage the master plan and end up throwing a huge fatty fatty boom boom pity party.

I'll admit since delivery I have not made "nutritious choices" so to speak, I have just eaten what ever was available and sounded good. Sometimes that meant pizza, Mexican and Chinese take out for consecutive meals. I certainly wish I had made better choices, but with a new born and wicked sleep deprivation the fact that I even remembered to eat is a miracle.

I made a huge mistake today trying on clothes I really knew wouldn't fit, but secretly hoped magically would. Please learn from my mistakes, if you find yourself in the store in need of clothes please don't lie to yourself, get the size that will fit and don't worry about the number. I was so wrapped in the numbers that I ended up leaving defeated without clothes. Now that my pity party is over and I have a master plan to lose the baby weight, I'm going back to the store to buy a pair of work pants and weekend jeans that fit nicely regardless of size. Had I not been a chump I would have done that in the first place.

I learned an important lesson today... I am not a twenty something anymore trying to squeeze into a size too small. I am a mother now and a proud one at that. My body was a casualty of pregnancy war and I will have it back one day, providing I stick to the plan of healthy diet and exercise. So what if I'm a pudge right now? I have a beautiful healthy baby boy to show for it!

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