Something Crazy Happened When I Became A Mom

A really weird thing happened to me when I gave birth to my son, I became this weird maternal person. Inherently, I knew what to do and if I trusted my instinct, I was a really great mom.

Progressively, my maternal mindset started taking over every aspect of my life.

I started saying 'Sugar' instead of 'SH!T'.

I stopped staying up late, because sleeping-in was no longer an option. (My inner-dragon must have sleep to be peaceful.)

I started planning family meals, rather than waiting until I got hungry and ordered out or scavenge for popcorn and wine.

I joined mom clubs instead of wine book clubs.

I began reading parenting books instead of fiction.

And now, my latest crazy change, I'm finished with my holiday shopping!

Complete. Madness.

I am the queen of Christmas Eve Shopping at Wal-mart with Wine and FTD. However, this year, I'm finished shopping early and making christmas cookie playdates.


I'll tell you what's happening, I'm making the necessary changes in my life to keep balance and harmony. Last year, last minute shopping with the toddler and FTD nearly cost me my sanity.

Truth be told, even though I loved my former pre-child self, and would have DIED if I heard I was going to become a super maternal, priority list having, ass-wiping mom, decorating Christmas cookies on Christmas eve instead of wining it up in Wal-mart...

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I am so thankful for my son. He's shown me love like I've never know, helped me clean up my crazy twenty-something ways, and most of all, be the best person I can be. 

This holiday season, while I'm counting my blessings and reflecting on years past, it's wonderful to know, with the help of my child, I've become a pretty good grown-up with a rockin' maternal mindset, carving a course to a pretty freaking amazing life.

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