My Go To Gift For Girls, Young and Old, Is A Guaranteed Smile Maker

I read somewhere that the gifts we choose to give is predominantly driven by our own wants. Basically, we buy gifts that we would want ourselves.

My sister says this is never more true than when we buy our children gifts. She insists everything she buys her boys (8yr & 10yr) that she thinks they will LOVE, are barely even excited by.

We see a book or toy we think is great and wouldn't mind playing with, so we but it. Then, once it's in the hands of the child, they cast it aside and play with the cardboard box it came in instead.

Thankfully, my one go to gift for girls, young and old, is a guaranteed smile maker. In fact, when ever I feel gloomy or down, I buy it for myself, or should I say, them.

The one gift any girl would love to get is, flowers. And being that flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances, there is a flower for every girl. I personally prefer wild flowers to roses on Valentines day. 

One of my girlfriend is the opposite; Her dream is to fill her house with roses. 

However, there is one kind of rose I would love to have in my house all year long, Willy Wonka Roseslike the ones at Flowers for EveryoneEveryone.


To me, flowers are one of the most beautiful, yet simple, gifts to both give and receive. And there is no occasion they are not perfect for. 

This holiday season, if you are trying to find a gift for the person who has everything, give flowers. 

Seriously, who doesn't love flowers?

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