THIS Is A New Parent MUST HAVE #CongiCase #GameChanging

I am all for crowd funding campaigns!  Besides the fact that I've scored amazing products at a fraction of their now retail price, I love that small moms and pops get a chance to bring their dreams and creations to life. What's more, it's a space for parents to bring true game-changing products to the scene. 

Some of the best products I've reviewed, have been created by parents. Parents know what children love, want and need, so it's no surprise they make the best new products! 

One of those parents produced products that I recently fell in love with is the Congi Case. You know how getting a great photo of a newborn to toddler can be a challenge?  The Congi Case combines medically proven facts about newborn to toddler eye development with STEM graphics to get those little ones to stay still and actually FOCUS on the camera! 

**Today, I'm partnering with Izzy Gear to share a fantastic STEM design inspired product that will help new parents get the perfect photo every time. All opinions are my own. Starting with this one, I LOVE  THE CONGI CASE! 

The method to the madness is simple, The Cogni Case uses interchangeable art cards with STIM inspired designs to engage your child’s gaze to the back of the phone allowing you to take clear and well positioned photos of them anytime.

You have got to see this video, the Congi Case really works! 

Simply choose your favorite Animal design, pop it in the Congi Case and start taking photos! 

Each design comes with a progressive card for Newborn to 12 months!

There is no doubt in my mind, the Congi Case is going to be a new parent staple, between the Black and White STEM designs proven to be fantastic for developing eyes and the great photos the case creates, how can it not?

To get your hands on one, head over to the Congi Case by IZZYGEAR Kickstarter campaign and reserve yours today! Hurry, the campaign is about to end... meaning no more deep discounts on the case! Buy now, Here. 

To learn more about IZZY Gear and the Congi Case, you can read the full press release, here. 

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