I Challenge You To Be Someone's Holiday Miracle #ChainOfBetters

Recently, a very close family member reached out in despair. He's a single father of a six month old and terrified. In addition to the regular fears that come along with being a first-time parent, he's barely making it paycheck to paycheck. Listening to him share his fears about buying the basics for his baby broke my heart.

After getting off the phone with him, I couldn't stop thinking about his situation and the anxiety he is carrying around.

I had to do something.

I decided to send him the two things he's the most worried about running out of, diapers and formula. I grabbed my computer to do some online shopping, when I realized I didn't know what size diapers he needed or the formula he used.

I sent him a text asking for diaper size and formula brand. Being the proud man that he is, he told me not to worry about it; Just talking to me made him feel better and that he would figure it out.

Ugh. Men and their pride.

I went to sleep that night and prayed for him and the other parents stressing about the basics during the holidays.

The next day, while checking out at the grocery store, I looked over and saw a Western Union sign.

BOOM!  The light bulb went off.

I can send him cash right now so get the things that he needs!!!!

After I finished checking out, I walked over to the Western Union booth, grabbed a form and began filling it out. Then I called the proud father and announced that I was sending money and there's no stopping me.

When he began to cry, my heart sank.

Such a strong proud man and here he was crying. Relieved. Thanking me in between sobs. It was in that moment I realized just how dire his situation must have been.

I told him I loved him and would call back once the money was sent.

I walked up to the clerk, handed over the Western Union form and the cash. When the transaction was complete, my heart filled with so much joy.

It really is better to give, than receive.

Twenty minutes later, he was at the grocery store with the cash in his hand.

He told me he prayed for a miracle after we got off the phone, and never did he think it would come true.

I told him not to worry, that we are family and we help each other. Especially, around the holidays.

FYI: After realizing how incredibly easy it was to send money to family and friends in need, especially during the holidays, it's my new go-to. And having family and friends all over the world, Western Union really makes it easy to reach out with a surprise to loved ones in need.

This experience made me realize that not only do Miracles happen every day, I can make them.

This holiday seasonI want to create as many mini-miracles as possible. I've gone through our clothes and toys and donated three big bags to the local women and children's shelter. I've donated three boxes of food to Dare-to-Care and plan to let Ollie pick out a few gifts to donate to the orphanage.

Please, join me in this mission. Make mini-miracles for those in need. It feels amazing.

Something as simple as donating a new or gently used coat for a child to a local family shelter will not only keep the little one warm, but help a mother sleep a little better. Fulfill a few items from an orphanage wish list, grab an Angel from the Angel tree. Donate a Saturday afternoon to working in your community. Most of all, if you hear of family or friends in need, help them.

Western Union wants to make it easy for you to make a miracle. In fact, they want you to make miracles for many. The Western Union Chain of Betters, Campaign is proving that one person and $1000 can change the lives of many. The initiative asks you if you were given $1000 how would you Better your community?

 Need some inspiration? Grab the tissues, this is beautiful:


Please, make mini-miracles happen for those in need. I promise it will be the very best gift YOU receive this holiday season.

April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com