Hanukkah Fun Facts Because, #Hanukkah

My step-grandfather was a fabulous, Jewish man. His name was Herman, but everyone called him Hy. He threw a medicine ball at me everytime I walked through the door, then made me Matzo Bread smeared with butter. Every year he gave us little gifts for Hanukkah, and on Christmas a dollar for each year of our life.

I remember the year my mom got thirty-nine one dollar bills. I'd never seen so much cash in my life. I was sure she was rich and we were getting a new car. God, I love that man!  Sadly, at the ripe age ninety-four, he left this world. My Presbyterian grandmother joined him a few years later. While not a day goes by that I don't still think of them, it's the holidays I miss them the most. So in honor of my wonderful grandfather, who welcomed me into his faith, and shared his love and stories with me, I present a Few Hanukkah Fun Facts, because #Hanukkah is awesome, Just like Papa Hy.

So, what the Deal?

How big of a deal is Hanukkah?

What's the Candle thingy? Menora or something?

What's up with eight days of gifts?

The eight days of gifts sort of came about due to the proximity to Christmas and those spoiled little Christian kids having all the fun. That's why the gifts given are more like small little tokens of blessings, not PlayStation, cars, and wardrobes.

What's with the spinning game?

What about the food?! And all that oil it's cooked in. Sounds dreamy...

If you've never been treated to a Jewish Hanukkah, then I'm sad for you. Latkes, made four billion different ways. Donuts filled with yummy gooey goodness like cream or jam. Beef brisket that will turn a vegetarian. Chocolate coins wrappers blowing through the house as the kids go running by on their chocolate high. Bread, booze, good times. DO THIS~

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