Do This To Make Holiday Shopping Fun Again

The only thing better than finding the perfect gift for someone is finding it on clearance. Nothing beat finding a bargain. Imagine being able to buy everyone on your list the perfect gift at a bargain price? Oh, and get some cash back in the process...

Below are 10 tips to make that possible. Seriously. It takes a little extra work up front, but in the end, you'll actually save time. Keep reading...

1. DealsNews- All day, every day, a team of deal-finding pros monitor the interwebs for the best deals. Then, post them on deals news. The website is super easy to navigate, so always check it out before buying a big-ticket item. You will save heaps. Also, if you need ideas for great gifts at a bargain price, surf around.  

2. Amazon-Wait, before you skip this thinking you already know about Amazon, there are two new things to consider. Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, the coupons and deals in the Amazon Pantry are worth checking out for holiday meals and food gifts alone. Plus, two days ago, a coupon for 20% off fresh turkeys at Whole Food. #YesPleases.  If you find a great deal or new product, check it out on Amazon for not only price but reviews, photos, and comparable items. Amazon sells everything, and everything has a review. 

3. Groupon.--I love Groupon for three reasons:
  • Local buys and gifts. I've bought a Groupon for a restaurant while sitting there eating. Such a great way to eat out during the holidays and only pay half price. 
  • Sometimes you can score a great deal on high-end items- or $10 Starbucks or Shell Gas card for $5. 
  • Great for coming up with gift ideas.  Groupon has everything.  A third of the products I didn't even know existed! I still price shop and read reviews for the products I'm thinking of buying on Amazon. The too good to be true stuff is often just that.

4. Etsy--I LOVE Etsy! Buying from Etsy makes for a  BEAUTIFUL buy. Not only can you find custom made insanely cool shit, you support small shops and individuals with your purchase. Check it out, there's something for everyone, at every price point.

5. Perpetual kid--Talk about crazy fun off the wall gifts!   This is like a jack of all things store for the entire family.  They even have a  "smelly" gifts page.  Think: Fart Spray; White Castle Candle and Jane Austen car air freshener on the SAME page. Those of you who said your husband is like FTD, go here for super fun gift ideas. You get a free finger monster with orders over $10. That just shows you how cool this site is. 

6. Gift Card Granny--NEVER pay full price for gift cards. Never. Ever. This is a totally legit website. Gift Card Granny has been featured on every news and daytime talk show. Buy card for stored you visit frequently to save a bundle on the annual family budget

7. Ebates. I am constantly telling my friends, family and this community to sign up for Ebates and download the browser app. I just got a check for $68 for shopping online over the last three months. All I did was download the browser plug-in, here. Every time I go to a website to shop, Ebates pops up telling me how much cash back I get shopping on the site and coupons available. Then, at checkouts, the plug-in automatically applies the best coupon. It's mental. DO THIS!!!  Seriously. RIGHT FRIGGIN" NOW!!!!!  It works. I'm AM NOT being paid to say this. I love Ebates on my own. 

8. Always try to price match. Big box Stores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot and many others will price match. All you have to do is pull up a lower price on a website the store matches (Usually competitors and Amazon) and the cashier will match it. I haven't paid full price for LEGO at Target in a long time!

9. Shop Local. Visit Local art fairs, markets and small shops and chances are you'll find yourself standing in a great gift gold mine! Your purchase will support the community and add a sense of pride to your gift. 

10. Screw buying stuff and pack up the family for an experience Holiday!  Why spend hundreds on shit no one needs and be house poor thanks to breaking the budget on gifts? Take your usual holiday budget and see how far and for how long it will get your family out from under the tree and living life! We only do Experience birthdays now. WAY more fun! 

If you can't follow #10, then for sure follow #1 (DealsNews) and #7 (Ebates) because the chances of you saving a bunch and getting some cash back (Real cash in your bank or PayPal!) is better than good, the chances are outstanding! 

Good luck out there. Holiday shopping can be a bitch, but, hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy shopping thanks to the deals and cashback you're going to get!

Do you have any super saver holiday tips?


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