Pineapple Christmas Trees Just Broke Pinterest

I was blown away this morning when the news built up a segment about Pinterest reporting the biggest trend for Christmas trees this year, only to find out it's, a pineapple. Yes, a decorated pineapple. According to Pinterest, searches for Pineapple Christmas trees, is the hottest thing right now.

Ok. I can get behind that. 

While I love the smell of a real Fir Christmas tree, I’m still vacuuming up pine needles from last year. I’m all for a tree that doesn’t shed. But before I get behind the trend and trim a pineapple, I have to know, why the pineapple? 

After a little research, I found that while the Pineapple has no direct Christmas distinction, since the late seventeenth century, the Pineapple has been a sign of hospitality
The sea captains of New England traded among the Caribbean Islands, returning to the colonies bearing their heavy cargoes of spices, rum, and a selection of fruits, which sometimes included pineapples.  According to the legend, the captain would drop anchor in the harbor and see to his cargo and crew. Once his work was done, he would head home, stopping outside his house to spear a pineapple on a fence post. This would let his friends know of his safe return from sea. The pineapple was an invitation for them to visit, share his food and drink, and listen to tales of his voyage.
As the tradition and legend of the pineapple grew, colonial innkeepers added the pineapple to their signs and advertisements, and bedposts carved in the shape of a pineapple were a common sight at inns across the colonies.  (Read the entire article here.) 
Without further ado, the biggest Christmas tree trend of 2017, The Pineapple Christmas Tree:

This is what I imagined when I heard of a decorated Pineapple.

It turns out, this is what the news meant by, Pineapple Christmas tree.

That being said, I would much rather have this Pineapple Christmas Tree. The gift that keeps on giving...

Back to the hottest tree trend of 2017...

I suppose it's kind of cute...

I wonder if I could spraypaint a Christmas tree stencil on a Pineapple? That would kick things up a notch.

Or, just go for it with a bunch of yellow garland and bamboo poles to create the tree tee-pee shape. You really gotta love the pineapple for this. Or have a shitload of yellow garland you don't know what to do with. 

Here's a pineapple tree trend I know my son will happily get behind...

While I don't think I'll ditch the Fir Christmas tree for a decorated pineapple, a pineapple holiday party centerpeice is definitely in my future. 

What about you? Pineapple Tree or Bust?

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