Happy Friggin' Halloween. This Horror Is My Everyday...

In honor of Halloween, and me being too busy to knockout a thoughtful post, I thought I would share the horror I live every day. FTD and Ollie terrorizing me. Everywhere. Always...

This was our last grocery trip... as a family. I finally learned my lesson!

We don't really go out to eat as a family either...

 Riding his new Stormer Trooper Bike through, then out the front door of, Target.

Teaching our then, one year old, "How to drop a badboy in the Dunny."
 Switching the heads on the mannequins. all the time!

How our kid is not already in therapy...

Playing piano for the Costco shoppers.

Mutilating the turkey on Thanksgiving...

Thing 1...

Why, yes, that is a penis he's walking into the fresh virgin snow in the front yard of our ould 3rd floor walkup.

These two, NEVER miss the chance to ride these damn things!


ME: What the hell?

Them: It was his fault...

The Wax Leo in Sydney, Aus.

oh, the two of them!

Gardening... for the darkside.

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