How To Combat Cold + Flu Season Like A Mom-Boss

flu season

Below are seven doctor-recommended tips for preventing the Cold and Flu and, of course,  caring for sick littles. But, before I get started, my lawyer said I have to say, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!  If you or your child are sick, you should consult a real doctor, their advice is WAY better than mine. And also, Dr. Google is NOT a real doctor. I am, however, a real mother, so I would only write about the shit I know works and I fully believe in 100%.

1. Leave a low-grade fever the hell alone.  When your child has a low-grade fever (anything below 102F), DO NOT bust out the Tylenol. If anything, bust out the movies and fluids. A fever is a sign that your child has something going on, but her body is working to take care of it. The best thing to do is let the fever do its job.  Below is a recommendation from the Mayo Clinic on how to treat fevers in children:

2. Water Works Wonders. The benefits of drinking water are infinite. Especially, when you are sick. I know juice may sound better, but water works wonders for sick kiddos. Below is a list of only a few of the major benefits of drinking water while sick.


3. If it ain't green, then neither is your child. A runny nose doesn't always mean a trip to the doctor is needed. Sudden nose-flow can mean a host of things, for many, it's allergies. If everything coming out of you or your child's nose is its usual clear-ish color, then most likely it's a virus that will run its course, no need to freak out. If green slime begins flowing from your child's nose, that's a sign of something more serious and most likely needs antibiotics.

4. Limit contact with the sickos

First-timers, I know, this one is hard. As much as you want to hold, cuddle and sleep next to your sick sad baby, avoid it. The last thing you want is to be sick too. Your child needs to rest and you need to stay well. It will be over soon... as long as you don't go kissing and cuddling that baby!!!

5. Wash your hands like a maniac. Always.  

It's crucial to World health that children are taught proper handwashing techniques. I am a huge fan of the 20: second rule. Show your child how to wash their hands, tops and bottoms, and have them count to twenty simultaneously. It will help your child take their time washing, without getting bored. It's crazy, but it works!

TIP: Keep antibacterial hand sanitizer close for emergencies when out and about. Teach your child proper handwashing techniques. Or, face a winter of sickness topped with sickness and served with a side of sickness.

6. DO NOT touch your face. Or, risk a poop face. Did you know: Touching your face is the fastest way to get germs into your body? Did you know, fecal matter has been found on damn near everything our hands encounter daily, especially in public? I know, so friggin' gross! As a rule of thumb, especially during cold and flu season, DO NOT touch your face without washing your hands first.

7. Live healthy, be healthy. Eat well, stay hydrated, and wash your hands. It's really that simple. Do those three things and your chances of catching a bug are DRASTICALLY reduced. If nothing else, over the next few months, try your best to live healthy to stay healthy or else...

How do you ensure you and your family are prepared for cold and flu season?  What are your best tips?

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