Where Did I Go Wrong In My Parenting That My Kid Thinks...

(Let it be known, this is a mother rant prompted by the mid-point of winter break. Both the kid and I are going crazy. This post is a small glimpse into our days.)

Now that my son, almost four going on twelve, is constantly up to no-good, I find myself asking daily, Where did I go wrong in my parenting that my kid thinks... 

You see, I'm a great mom! A very patient, understanding and compromising, mom. Still, my kid loses his mind daily, doest stupid stuff that drives me nuts, that leaves me asking, who is this child and where did he come from, because now way I would raise a child that thinks he can do whatever he wants! Because of his indifference to rules and social norms, daily I'm searching for answers to help me understand why he's so sure that he can do whatever he wants!

No way did I raised a child like that!

At least, I don't think I did?

Still, the fact remains I'm constantly asking myself, Where did I go wrong in my parenting that my kid thinks... 

My bed is his bed. That, in the middle of the night when he wakes up in his own bed, he should run like a heard of elephants to mommy and daddy's bed, then jump across us, throwing elbows and knees like a prize fighter.


The world is one big potty. It dosen't mater where we are, if the kid is outside and he needs to go, he goes. On the tree, bush, house, car tire, fence, at the church picnic... The kid gives new meaning to, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Trust me, we're working very hard to get him to appreciate modern plumbing.)

The couch is just an upholstered trampoline. I am constantly battling with my toddler about jumping on the couch and chairs. Constantly.

It's mommy's job to clean up his mess. OK. I know where I went wrong here. I's just that when I let him do it, the mess doubles in size and headache.

What really sucks is when throws out back-to-back dumbassery,  That's when I end up asking both of us, Where did I go wrong in my parenting that YOU THINK:

  • You can climb on the kitchen counter and dig out cookies for breakfast.
  • you can yell at me when I take the cookies away.
  • Swatting at me when I scold you for yelling at me.
  • You will get your way if you run into another room, throw a toy and meltdown
When the day starts like that, I want to run away to Never-Combing-Back island. But the damn kid is so cute, I can't leave. So, I do what every other parent does; reprimand him for being a butthead, then swear tomorrow will be better, and pray for it too.

No doubt about it, kids are crazy, and do everything in their power to make their parents just as crazy.

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