Why Does Daddy Always Get To Be The Awesome One? #DaddysHome

Do you ever watch a movie and think, That's just like my life! This happened to me the other day when I watched the trailer for the new Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg movie opening on Christmas day, Daddy's Home .

Basically, Mark Wahlberg is the super cool (and HOT!) biological father coming to see his children for Christmas. The children happen to now be Will Ferrell step-children. I know what you're thinking, how can this movie have anything to do with you?

I'll tell you.

Will Ferrell, plays a semi-normal guy who works hard to provide for his family, but isn't exactly the crazy and spontaneous type. He's basically, me.

Awesome, but not in a HOLY CRAP HE'S CRAZY-AWESOME way.

Then there is Mark Wahlberg, who shows up like a BOSS.  He's outrageous, throws caution to the wind, is completely shameless and thinks life should be all fun and games.

He's basically, FTD.

The entire trailer is a pissing contest of epic proportions between the two dads, with Mark Wahlberg exiling Will Ferrell to Lamass-land..


                         Ugh. I have to admit, the man is pretty cool. 

Every time I try to do something awesome, FTD one-ups me. Or worse, I completely fail!

Once, I bought Ollie this super-awesome Hotwheels track with all kind of crazy loops and pop up things. When Ollie and I got it home, I couldn't get the damn thing together! I felt like such a turd when I finally had to give in and say, We're going to have to wait until, Daddy's home.

Which, by the way, the second Daddy's Home from work, I might as well be a turd. The kid wants nothing to do with me!

It's not just my kid, my nephews worship the ground FTD walks on.

Last year, on Christmas day while decorating cookies with my nephews, in walks FTD asking, "Is it legal to shoot off fireworks on Christmas? I think Jesus would like fireworks on his birthday"

Needless to say, my awesome cookie decorating party went to shit when all of the kids jumped up screaming for fireworks! WHAT THE HELL?

The kids went mental with excitement!

Another similarity In Daddy's Home to my life, is the bedtime scene. It such a CLASSIC Me Vs. FTD moment.

Mark Wahlberg is having an I'm awesome moment with the kids, when Will walks in and begins a match for bedtime affection. And just like at my house, the scene turns into a complete parent pissing contest shitshow, that the kids LOVE.

The fact is, I AM AWESOME!  I will never stop trying to prove that to my kid. Someday, I will totally out-do FTD! VICTORY WILL BE MINE!

Oh, yes, it will.

I can't wait for Daddy's Home to come out in theaters so I can see if Will Ferrell finds a way to send Mark Wahlberg to Lame-ass land. I need all the tips and ideas I can get!

Daddy's Home, comes out on Christmas Day and I'm seriously considering going. It's going to be HYSTERICAL! The trailer alone made me laugh out loud multiple times.

Here, watch for yourself! (IT'S SO FUNNY!)

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