This 3-in-1 Baby Chair Should Be On Every New Parent Wish List

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Like everything FTD and I review on the blog that requires assembly, FTD was tasked with assembling the SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High ChairOnce together, it’s his job to test the product’s structure and strength, for the review process. (Yes, he totally tried to sit in it!)

But things didn’t go as they usually do. Not even close…

When after about 20 minutes FTD was still playing with the high chair, I walked over to inspect the situation. I honestly expected him to tell me he was having trouble putting it together or something, but to my surprise, the conversation went more like this:

Me:  What's up with the Trio high chair? You've been fiddling with it for a while now.  Are you having trouble assembling it?

FTD: No. It only took me 5 minutes to assemble it. This thing is Bloody awesome. I wish we had it when Ollie was a baby. Watch what it can do...  
FTD, immediately went into an infomercial about the highchair, complete with Vanna White hands over the "sexy" features.  

I quickly learned, The Trio 3-In-1 SmartClean Highchair is "WAY more than a highchair." The Trio is a full size high chair, booster seat and toddler seat! That means TWO kids could use the chairs at the same time.

Oh, and then there’s the insane amount of safety features and little comforts for your creature! The back of the chair reclines to allow the child to be comfortable regardless of age and size.  The seat is lined with comfy, easy to wash foam cushion. The tray pops off, and into the dishwasher, super easy. The wheels easily glide across the floor and carpet. And of course, easily lock with the flick of a switch.

I get why FTD was blown away. I was too. The chair converts easily, rolls easily, cleans up easily, and is VERY roomy.  Being that it’s an Ingenuity product, you already know it’s incredibly well designed and made.

Ingenuity's™ Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean High Chair™ is every chair baby will ever need because it's three chairs in one! Three modes of use include a full-size high chair, booster seat, and toddler chair. The soft foam seat pad adds extra comfort for baby, wipes clean instantly, and is even dishwasher safe! The EasyClean™ tray removes with one hand, is dishwasher-safe, and features four locking positions to grow with baby. The high chair and booster seat include a five-point harness and the toddler chair has a three-point harness to keep baby secure. The Trio SmartClean has three recline positions to accommodate a growing baby and toddlers up to 50 pounds. When used as a booster and toddler chair, it can even seat two children at the same time. Designed with parenthood in mind.™

I’m super-duper bummed we didn’t have this when Ollie was a baby.

Still, we have it now.  And it’s helped BIG TIME!

Ollie is a squirmy kid at the dinner table, constantly wanting to get up and down from his chair. The booster seat and toddler chair make dinner at the table a much less fussy affair.  With the kid strapped into his chair, there’s no more begging him to ‘sit down!’

We can also use both the booster and toddler chair over the holidays to add TWO extra kid chairs.

Bottom line: We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair!

This high chair should be on every single baby registry. ALL OF THEM! The Trio really is an all-in-one high chair and grows with the child. There’s no question, it is the only high chair/booster/toddler seat you will need.  #Awesomness

The SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High Chair, is available at Target!  To read more about the product’s specifications and lengthy list of safety features, click here.

If you would like to see the chair in action, watch the video below

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