Parent PSA: Tis' the Season To AVOID This... (Mothers. READ THIS)

Not only are the Holidays upon us, so is cold and flu season. This means, if you don't play it smart, you'll be eating the Thanksgiving dinner you cooked in bed. Alone.

I'm talking about the complete household-wide misery that strikes when mom (or primary caregiver) gets sick.

You know, the point where after spending two weeks caring for every member of your family who's been sick, YOU get sick. Not super sick, just kind of dragging and sniffling sick. Then, two weeks and three boxes of tissues later, because you refused to slow down and take care of yourself,  you find yourself bedridden. All because you didn't follow your own rules.

You know, "Go to bed, you're sick!."

It's time for Change, Parents.

It's time to take care of yourself sooner than later, so you don't spend the ENTIRE winter fighting off your first cold or flu from OCTOBER!

You know, like last winter. And the Winter before...
So, how to make this dream a reality?

1. Create an emergency sick kit. Stock the house with EVERYTHING you need to fight off winter's ailment, BEFORE they strike. Pre-stock the house with cold/flu meds, throat lozenges, extra boxes of tissue, Gatorade, sprite, antibacterial wipes... YOU know you will have to buy them eventually Why wait until 11:30 at night with a crying child or a head cold so hardcore you're positive death would be better?

2. Make a list of your night and morning routine. Pass it off to the most responsible adult. (I say "most responsible adult" because sometimes it's a toss-up between my husband and his mini-me.)



5. Eat a solid breakfast. NOT just the last two bites of the waffle your child didn't finish.

6. Decide if a trip to the doctor is necessary. If so, BLOODY GO!!!!!!

7. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Until the cold or flu has passed, stay still.  No good comes from dragging your sorry ass out of bed the minute you have enough energy. Seriously. How did that work out for you last year?  Bought you another day in bed, didn't it? Me too.


You could do nothing.

Which, you know results in you eventually being bed-ridden anyway. Remember last year when you took days off work and were too sick to move thanks to not slowing down in the first place?

Yeah. That.

My friend, don't fall into the same sick routine. You know you will end up in bed one way or another.

Why not take care of yourself and get ALL THE WAY better on the front end? It only takes about 2-3 days. Opposed to the month of sniffles and feeling rundown that leads to the two weeks of feeling like you're dying, followed by two days in bed feeling like death would be a welcome relief, that still doesn't seem to kick it all the way. Then you spend the rest of the winter feeling, "not-quite-right."

Do you really want that?

Please, take care of yourself this cold and flu season.

You know, there's a reason you're supposed to put the oxygen mask over your face before your child's in an airplane emergency...  Your family needs you, take care of you.

For tips, check out my post on, Tips for keeping your family safe during cold and flu season.

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