PARENT PSA: Before You Let LEGOS In Your House, READ THIS!

Today's Parent PSA is well overdue. I've known about the dangers and life changing effects that come with owning Legos for some time, and should have said something by now. This blog is after all built on the back of my fails and lessons learned. So, here goes, a very important public service announcement about the havoc legos can cause if you let them and tips for controlling the chaos.

First of all, letting Legos in your home will immediately put an end to a few things...

The end of headache free vacuuming. I've vacuumed up more LEGO Star Wars character heads then any one person should. How do I know this? Because, I have to sift through the damn dirty, dusty vacuum bag before emptying it or Luke Skywalker will go headless.

The end of walking around the house barefoot and carefree. We all joke about, "I Hope You Step On A LEGO," but in no way can you truly know just how mean it is until you cripple yourself on Lego at 3am on the way to the bathroom.

The end of cleaning out the car in minutes. Now, I have to search under every floor mat, seat crack and crevasse in my car, or again, Luke Skywalker will go headless.

That all being said, LEGOS are a fixture in my house. They have their benefits too--open-ended play, imagination booster fine and gross motor development. Plus, with two boys, there is no fighting them.

Most likely, LEGOs already are, or soon will be, a fixture in your house. Here are three tips I have put into action to combat the Lego Takeover:

Tips for harmonious living with LEGOS.

1. Restrict play to a specific room. LEGOS are NOT allowed out of that room.

2. Start with LEGO juniors or basically, larger blocks. LEGO Juniors are about three times the size of a regular LEGO, and perfect for little hands. They are also easy to see when vacuuming or navigating a dark hallway.

3. Talk about what happens when LEGOS are left out and how the vacuum will gobble them up.

I swear I'm not a Lego hater, but with them increasing taking over, ground rules are a must. Who knew something so small and so helpful for my child's development would be such a pain in the ass!

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