How a child changes your life

Everyone is greeting you, your parents, aunts and cousins are bothering you with lots of advice and this happy period seems to last forever. But here you are, after 9 months already carrying a sweet baby in your arms and singing lullabies. Despite all the sleepless nights, the two of you are the happiest people in the world, due to the little one who ties you even stronger. Your life gets a new sense and millions of reasons to get better day by day.

Even though your closest friends are very happy for you, everybody understands that you are estranging more and more each day and sometimes you can’t even recall the last time you have gathered together. Well, to tell the truth, you can easily figure out the main reason why some friends are avoiding you: they don’t have children yet. Therefore, probably, they think you don’t have much in common anymore. Or maybe they simply don’t want to disturb you as you are experiencing the best time in your life.

Whatever would be the reason you probably don’t want to miss your friends, do you? So invite them to start a frank talk on this issue. Just tell them how happy you are. Explain that the fact that you got married and became a mother/father doesn’t change anything in your friendship. All of you are simply following a newstep in a mature life. Encourage them to arrange their lives as well, to build a family and raise a child.

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