Want A Happy Baby? Give Him Happy Feet!

**I've partnered With Happy Feet Happy Baby to talk about the importance of great shoes and socks for little feet.  

My maternal Grandmother was one of my best friends. She was a sassy lady who knew what she wanted. She loved good food, fashion and times, and never missed a chance to take me off to indulge in one or all of her favorite things.

When my mother moved my siblings and I out of Miami, I still went back to visit my grandmother every summer for a few weeks. Upon my arrival we always did the same thing; we went straight to the mall for a new pair of shoes. Gammy always said, "Honey, a great pair of shoes are essential for your growing feet." We only looked for shoes that fit her two main criteria, "looked as fabulous as they were made."

To this day, everytime I buy a pair of shoes, I think of my grandmother. I employ her same reasoning about the importance of shoes being well made when shopping for my son.

I think of his growing feet, and know he needs a shoe that can support his crazy toddler running, jumping and climbing, and preferably have a great look too. Something, Melbourne based Happy Feet Happy Baby knows all about!

To create a superior range of newborn to toddler moccasin, Happy Feet Happy Baby knows three important factors have to be addressed.

Flexibility: Shoes should be flexible enough that they can be twisted, bent and squeezed easily in all directions. Soles should be soft.
Breathability: These moccasins have natural leather, cotton or canvas uppers, to ensure that they are both breathable and flexible.
Protection: Slip resistant soles, a roomy toe area and comfortable fit in the back of the shoe, as well as side ventilation allow little feet to breathe.
With free delivery within Australia and an easy to use online shop, these moccasins and baby socks truly are as fabulous as they are well made. I think Gammy would approve.

Have you had a look at their adorable range? Which is your favourite?

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