5 Ways To Reconnect with Your Partner Over The Holidays #FeelTheLove

In T-minus a few days, the Holidays will officially take over. Between the parties, presents, family gatherings, work obligations, and of course, the children, the stress level can go through the roof, leaving even the strongest couples bickering.

Not. Good.

Don't let this be you and your partner. Take time for each other during the holidays; Reconnect, make memories and be intimate! Be reminded how you two made it this far in the first place.

Below are five fun ways to keep the fire burning bright between you and your partner this holiday season... and beyond!

1. Take Ten. DAILY: Every night, after the kid(s) go to sleep, spend ten solid minutes with your partner. Talk about your day; something funny, a project, a neighbor... FTD and I go outside and walk around the house and talk for ten minutes every night.  I LOVE IT!  It's our time. No electronics or kid banter. Just us.

2. Intimacy is essential! There is no denying that intimacy is almost like an instant zap back to the newlywed days. Between busy days and kids crawling into bed, being intimate can be a huge challenge. But that's still no excuse to stop being intimate.
According to Dr. Phil: "The belief that sex is not important is a dangerous and intimacy-eroding myth. Sex provides an important time-out from the pressures of our daily lives and allows us to experience a quality level of closeness, vulnerability and sharing with our partners."

3. Pass love letters.  Very early in our relationship, FTD had to go back to Australia for a short trip, leaving me behind to work. Even though it was only for three weeks, I knew I would miss him dearly.   Thankfully, he did to. The night before he left, as I slept, he snuck all over the house hiding little love notes and sweet words of encouragement for my day. The man is so amazing, he must have written 20-30.  I found them everywhere!  In the kitchen drawers, bathroom vanity, under my pillow, in my wallet... I LOVED THEM!  It was even more reaffirming that I was going to marry the most amazing man.. Thankfully, to this day, he still leaves me little notes. I find them in the kitchen, on the washing machine... Just little notes that say I love you or thank you...


I cannot recommend enough passing little notes of love and encouragement with your partner. Such a sweet gesture to give and get. 

4.   Do Date Night. I think date nights are as essential as intimacy. Reconnecting with my husband on an emotional and intellectual level is, well, a blast! There's a reason you are with him/her, go out on the town and find it! Date night should be a monthly thing. Even if it consists of ordering pizza in and watching a movie together.

5.  Spice Things Up A Bit. Last but certainly not least, and I dare say the most exciting way to reconnect, spice up the bedroom fun! Adding bedroom props can kick your intimacy up a thousand notches. Role playing, dress-up and adding "toys" can be an incredibly fun and stimulating way to reconnect. No, I'm not talking about big huge anatomically incorrect toys. You know, the ones kids never fail to find and show the company? 

Seriously, who needs a four foot penis? (Yes, they totally make them.)

I'm talking about discrete, little bedroom props that are fun to use, and in no way awkward or intimidating. I'm talking about the little, discrete, but insanely effective, Fiera®  Arouser for her.

Fiera® is a new class of product that’s for “before-play,” using a unique combination of soft suction and stimulating vibration to bring back that feeling of wanting to have sex. It's a small, fast acting, hands-free product that is designed to encourage blood flow and lubrication, warming up women’s body for a more satisfying intimate experience. Fiera® is super compact, incredibly effective at heating up the bedroom in a fun non-intimidating way. 

I once read that couples struggling to have an intimate connection should "do the deed "every night for thirty nights in a row. I always thought it would be impossible to pull off, especially the nights you are anything but in the mood. I'm here to tell you, Fiera® can make the thirty day reconnect marathon happen and keep it fun and interesting too!

learn more about the Fiera® experience and women’s sexual wellness, here.

Please, don't forget to connect and make time for your partner and relationship during the holiday season. It might just be the best gift you receive.

April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com