The Must Have Handbooks For Expectant And New Parents #WhatToExpectBook #Giveaway

For the longest time I thought What To Expect When You're Expecting, was a medical book, written by doctors. Whether I was visiting a pediatrician or OB/GYN office, the book was a staple in the waiting room. That's why it didn't really come as a shock to me when my doctor (also a family friend) gave me a copy in a welcome to pregnancy and motherhood gift set. But what did shock me was the insane amount of information held within it's pages.  EVERYTHING you can imagine about, or happening during, pregnancy is in the book.

It says a lot that after all of these years, thirty one to be exact, and 600-weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, the What To Expect When You're Expecting series is the most loved and recommended book for expectant and new parents.

There's no doubt about it, expectant parents have billions of questions and fears. Daily, I would have new questions and fears associated with my pregnancy. Like most, I made the mistake of turning to "Dr. Google" for pregnancy answers. What a huge fail that was! Between the misinformation and terrifying images littered all over the worldwide web, Dr. Google is the last place a new parent should turn for answers!

Trust me, I learned the hard way.

I Googled one little question about pregnancy discomfort and the next thing I know, Dr. Google has me freaking out that both me and my baby have some rare form of something I can't pronounce.

FYI: It was gas.

Needless to say, from that point on, when it came to getting answers about my pregnancy, I stuck to friends, family, doctors and of course, my pregnancy handbook, What To Expect When You're Expecting. I also turned to What To Expect When You're Expecting, to know what to expect.  It's incredibly helpful to know when the kicks, gas, discomfort and cravings start and the best way to deal with the hurdles.

Being the quintessential first-time parent, imagine my excitement when I found out there was a follow-up book, What to Expect The First Year!

I honestly cannot say which book was more helpful. Mostly, because I was a nervous wreck when I was pregnant and new parent!

When in doubt, I always turned to one of those books. There was never a time that I couldn't find what I was feeling or worried about. It was also incredibly helpful to be able to read ahead of where I was in my pregnancy or motherhood to see what I should expect. It was certainly nice to have my mounting fears and doubts squashed by the information overload the books offer.

Hands down, I always recommend the What To Expect When You're Expecting Series to expectant and new parents. Especially, for first-time parents. Thankfully, the What To Expect When You're Expecting series gives you a handbook filled with everything you can imagine every step of the way right through the toddler years!

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