Hands Down, This is My Favorite Milestone... So Far... SO FUNNY!

I remember when my son was just a littler over 18-months old and I would practically do handstands to coax words out of him. I LOVED hearing his sweet little angelic voice utter Mommy, More or Hi. 

I also remember my been-there-done-that-parent friends telling me to, "Just wait, soon, you won't be able to get him to shut up."  

Now that my son is three, I guess in a way, my friends were right; it is near impossible to get him to shut up. But truth be told, 95% of the time, I don't want him to--I reserve the 5% for the times he says No! or Mommy, Mom and/or Momma four hundred times in thirty seconds. I don't really love that.

Now that Ollie can talk and fully articulate his day or thoughts, nine times out of ten, it's freaking hysterical!  Ok, sometimes it takes a while to find the humor...

This was last week when he decided to pee in that cup:
Look, Mommy, I peed in the cup and then poured it in the toilet.
I'm still not quite sure where he got the cup or the idea...
Or the sticker stuck to his forehead?

My favorite part is not knowing what he will say next...

Earlier this, Ollie and I were driving home from his Child's Day Out program when he announced that he, had to go home and smash all of his toys.  


Me: Huh? You have to go home and smash all of your toys? Why would you do that?

Ollie: Because, Mrs. Rosie said I can smash my toys at home. I'm not allowed to smash her toys though.

Holy crap. I laughed SO hard.

He sees and hears things so literally. He takes everything for face value, and believes pretty much anything he hears. (Which is super dangerous since FTD and I are his parents!)

A couple of weeks ago, he pointed to a photo of an anchor in a book and said, it's a hook.  I corrected him and then explained how boats drop an anchor in the water to keep them still. 

You all, I have no idea where it came from, but the next time he took a crap he yelled out, "MOM! Come see, I just dropped the anchor!" 

Oh. My... Funny-ass-kid. 

I laughed for DAYS over that one.

The real trouble starts when he tries to interpret things. Like the toy smashing incident. I thought I would never get him to understand that Mrs. Rosie didn't mean he should go home and smash his toys, but rather he can't just go around smashing toys in general. 

The little talking wonder is constantly telling me stories, or pointing out things or singing songs. Sometimes he will lay on the floor and read a book to himself using the pictures. It's absolutely brilliant and could listen to him all day.  

I love this book. I picked it up at Office Depot for $10 and it has been wonderful. He loves it. He reads through it on his own and counts things, points out the objects and answers the questions... #awesome

Another of his favorites is accosting strangers with his observations or questions:

One day a girl was running by our house, and Ollie yelled out, Hey! Girl! What are you running from?

Or when a new neighbor stopped by to introduce herself, she asked Ollie how old he was and he replied with, "I'm three! How old are you?"

Sometimes, he'll bring me a toy and tell me all about it-- like how the guy's arm moves, or how the plane flys and makes noise when he pushes a particular button.  

I love love love hearing my son talk. 

In fact, I'm not sure who is more excited about him being able to verbally articulate what he's thinking and feeling. 

While, yes, my been-there-done-that-parenting friends are right 99.9% of the time, so far, they are not right about me wanting the kid to shut it. My kid is hysterical, no-freaking-way do I want to mute him. 

Talking is the best milestone EVER!

What's the best thing your toddler has said?

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