Oh The Things That Come Out Of A Toddler's Mouth... #Awesomeness

My toddler has finally reached the point of being able to hold conversations, make full sentence observations, ask ridiculous questions and well, say just about anything that comes to his mind. It's absolute awesomeness! Well... most of the time.

I absolutely love that my little guy loves to talk. All day long he makes observations, tells jokes, poses questions, tells me what he is thinking... It never ends.  So far, I don't mind the nonstop talking, well, except at bedtime. For some reason, at bedtime he has many many many stories to tell, songs to sing, and observations to make.

It seems like nearly everyday now, I call FTD at work to tell him Ollie's latest joke and funny statement. Here are a few of my faves this past week.

The other day he came down after waking up from nap time and announced:

I'm waking up... he thinks for a second...  I was asleep, and now I'm waking up... thinks a few more seconds... And that's Awesome! *Pumps fist into the air* I'm waking up mommy!

It was SO cute, because he was trying to make a full big statement, it just took him a little while to find all of the words. 

Another thing Ollie never misses a chance to announce is what he is about to do, or is doing. I get an all day play-by-play of his activities.  

Look Mommy, I'm making a choo-choo track!
Look Mommy, I'm eating an apple!
Look Mommy, I playing cars.
Look Mommy, I'm chasing Professor! (The Cat)

Sometimes I am even enlightened to the things he needs to do...

He will scrunch up his face trying to look matter of fact...

Mommy, I need to go the toy store and buy some toys.
Mommy, I need to ride my bike to Jackson's house to play toys.

His constant observation while out in public are awesome too. 

Look Mommy, SCHOOL BUS!! It's yellow.
POLICE CAR!!!! I like police cars.
FIRE ENGINE!!!!  FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Weeeoooo Weeeoooo Weeeooooo
HEY! That man is walking in the road. A car is going to mash him!  Yep, it's going to mash him.

A slightly embarrassing moment came when we were walking down the street, and a bald man passed us, Ollie announces: LOOK MOMMY NO HAIR, JUST LIKE DADDY! Thankfully, the guy laughed. I am just glad he added the part about, just like daddy... 

While driving in the car, I put rock-a-bye-baby on repeat in an attempt to get him to relax on the way home for nap time. The first time it repeated, from the back seat came, "AGAIN?!" The second time it repeated, "DOG EGGS! Mommy, again?!"

I laughed out loud!

For those of you who missed the "dog eggs" thing, When Ollie was just under two, he pointed to a dog pooping and asked FTD what it was doing. FTD answered, Laying dog eggs. Needless to say, I laughed my ass off. I was in tears. Ollie was too, but I think it was just because I was in hysterics. To this day, when Ollie sees a dog pooping, he announces that the dog is laying "dog eggs". Well, when Ollie found out "Dog Eggs" were really poop from a dog, he laughed hysterically, and now says Dog Eggs all of the time. 

Think: he replaces 90% of his words and answers for Dog Egg, to be funny. 

What do you want for lunch? Dog Eggs.
What do you think? Dog Eggs.
What are you doing? Playing with Dog Eggs.
What do you want to do today? Go to the dog egg park.

Even though I am defiantly worried about him belting out more embarrassing observations in public, I LOVE that he is making theses observations. I love that he loves to make complex sentences and hold conversations. I also love that he likes making jokes and being funny. My kid is definitely going to have his mommy and daddy's sick sense of humor... AND THAT'S AWESOME! 

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