I'm Featured In The October Issue Of Parents Magazine! Wait Until You See Why...

A couple of months ago, I got this email from an editor at Parents Magazine...

Dear April,
"I work for Parents Magazine, and we'd like to use a short excerpt from  your FirstT Time Mom and Dad Blog. We have a feature in the print issue called 27 Words in which we feature a slightly edited excerpt from a different blogger every month... 
I could barely contain myself! 


Parents Magazine wants to use MY words.

Twenty-seven of MY words!

What an honor.

I couldn't wait to see what 27 words, from over 800 posts, they picked. I mean, 800 posts is a lot of words.

All the tips, stories, reviews, pearls of wisdom...

Or was it something FTD wrote??

Oh, God. No... Not His "My Marital Bliss", Post?!


... Here's what we'd like to use in our October issue, if you give us your permission, from the post "Ever Notice How Toddlers Run EVERYWHERE?" (http://www.firsttimemomanddad.com/2014/01/ever-notice-how-toddlers-run-everywhere.html). 

My friends, I nearly died...


Sit down, swallow your water/wine/beer/bourbon and cross your legs...

My first words in print relating to this blog are...

Drum roll please...

"27 Words From “First Time Mom and Dad” 
I often think if I spent a week following my toddler, doing exactly what he does, I would lose half an ass cheek on each side. 
—“Ever Notice How Toddlers Run EVERYWHERE?”, FirstTimeMomAndDad.com"


Half an ass cheek?

On each side...

Well, I suppose that's about right for this blog.
 I strive to find the humor and positive side of parenting.
Chasing a toddler is hard work!

Looks like I need to talk more ass cheek!

                                                                    What an amazing honor! 

                Yes, my mother is SO PROUD.

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