Dog Eggs! My Potty Training Plight...

Calling all been-there-done-that parents, the first-timers have hit a bump in the potty training road and desperately need your help. Every single pearl of wisdom you have, we need.

Because, Dog Eggs.

Yes, Dog Eggs.

FTD and I knew getting Ollie to poop on the potty could be tricky, so we made lots of jokes about pooping to make it seem like it was something that was fun and awesome to do. My friends, this evil plan BACKFIRED. BIG TIME!

For nearly two weeks straight, Ollie managed to get the word poop into every thing he said. In fact, "poop" became his answer for everything.

Me: Ollie what do you want for dinner?
Ollie: Poop sghetti.

Having two boys in my house, FTD and Ollie, potty humor and poop are regular topics of conversation. Having four nephews, I knew this would be the case. Plus, you all know me, I love some good potty humor, however, "poop talk" got old FAST! I finally lost the plot and told FTD he had to fix this poop talk. So, what does he do? Comes up with a code word for poop: Dog eggs.

When Ollie was just under two, he pointed to a dog pooping and asked FTD what it was doing. FTD answered, Laying dog eggs. Needless to say, I laughed my ass off. I was in tears. Ollie was too, but I think it was just because I was in hysterics. To this day, when Ollie sees a dog pooping, he announces that the dog is laying "dog eggs".

I'm not sure how, but FTD has managed to get Ollie to say, Dog eggs instead of poop.  While it at least makes me laugh, it's getting nearly as annoying, because dog eggs is now Ollie's answer for everything.

Dinner? Dog eggs.
What are you doing? Playing with dog eggs.
Dog walks by our front yard? NO DOG EGGS! 

Today, he walked up to me while I was sitting on the couch and kicked me. Not hard or maliciously, but more to just be annoying since I was not paying attention to him, and he knows it will get a response out of me. I stood up, took him to timeout and told him he is not to kick mommy or anyone else for that matter. When Ollie's timeout was over, I asked him why he was in timeout. The kid looked at me and said, for kicking mommy in the dog eggs.

You all, I had to bite my tongue and walk out of the room so he wouldn't see me laughing.


Now, back to the potty training issue. Ollie will not put his dog eggs in the potty.  He runs and hides to lay them. Of course, the minute he's finished, he comes in and tells me he laid dog eggs. I ask him why he didn't put them in the potty, but I never get a good answer. I remind him that he will get treats if he puts the dog eggs in the potty, but it still doesn't seem to resonate with him.

I have talked to a few other potty training parents dealing with a similar issue, so been-there-done-that parents, what should we do? What are some of your very best potty training tips? How did you finally break the barrier from not trained to trained?

Please help us first-timers get our kids to lay dog eggs in the potty.

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