Hi Lady! Hi Man! HAHAHAHA, I Just Farted! Happy Birthday To You...

Oh how I love my filterless two-year-old. I am learning everyday that not only will my toddler repeat every word I say, sometimes he will repeat every word he knows in four minutes or less...

There is nothing more adorable than a toddler's voice and proud attempts at holding a conversation. My son's voice can melt my heart, and also embarrass the hell out of me while doing it. While I am so proud to say, in the last three weeks his word bank has tripled, it also means those embarrassing moments seem to be happening much more often. Thank goodness not everyone speaks toddler,  because if they did...

Lately, Ollie wants to address EVERY person we come in contact with. If it's a woman walking by, he waves and says, "Hi Lady!," and for the guys it's, "Hi Man." He even does the same for boys and girls. It's cute and all, but EVERY man, woman and child? Ugh. I'm torn at this point between teaching, "Stranger Danger," or just let him continue to be a cute outgoing kid a little while longer. Even if it does mean me either apologizing or having the, "What a cute kid...," convo with every person we pass. Every. Single. One.

Speaking of random convos... Being that we are in a new neighborhood, all of our super awesome neighbors keep coming by to introduce themselves, and you know who is right up in the mix... "Hi Man!" Then off he goes on a tangent about something that not even I can understand.  Of course, the new neighbor nods and smiles and sometimes even tries to talk back. Eventually, Ollie gets annoyed that we don't understand him, and stops talking.

Once the adult conversation carries on for more than two minutes, the wild toddler is immediately struck with a raging case of boredom. Meaning, he begins to entertain himself...  Usually, he starts by looking for dangerous or naughty things to do to win back my attention. If that fails, he returns to our conversation to start a new one, which usually involves him saying random words and singing random songs... NONSTOP.  I mean, he will carry on about anything and everything, including  pointing at random object and naming them, just to keep the attention on him. Bush, road--NO running in the road!- blue car, dog, door, sky, AIRPLANE!!!, mommy, Hi Lady, Hi Boy... A, B, C, D, E, F, G...

Ollie LOVES to sing.  LOVES IT! He sings all of the time. During a recent conversation with my neighbor, he looks over at Ollie, then back at me, and says, "Is he singing Happy Birthday To You?" I don't know why, but he sings it probably 20 times a day.  I told my neighbor that indeed he was singing it, and most likely because he is hoping a slice of birthday cake will materialize once he finishes singing.

The worst is when I am holding him during a conversation with someone, and he farts on me, or really even just thinks about doing it. Immediately, he laughs hysterically and announces what he has done. I would take a Happy Birthday marathon over that any day.  FYI: I have FTD to blame for that.  Potty humor is big business in my house.

I really love that my little one is talking up a storm, even if only three of the twenty words are understandable during any one tangent. I think learning to talk is such a magical time in a child's life, and I do all I can to encourage Ollie to do it. Yes, even if it embarrasses the hell out of me. I hear, "Enjoy it while it lasts...", all of the time, and I know this is one of those times for sure. And truth be told, I don't even mind that he accosts every person we pass, sings happy birthday to them, then farts on me or them while announcing it and laughing hysterically. Such is the toddler way... At least it is for mine.

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Jayme H. said...

Yeah, had a proud Mommy Moment (not!) just yesterday. I was getting ready to change my 19 month old. He I oft tries to get away, so I licked the baby gate so he couldn't get away. He.didn't see me.

He ran around the corner in the hallway, and saw he was locked in. In his amazing, cute little voice, I hear, "Awe, crap!"

Doh! Uhm, he used it properly? *sigh* Yeah, didn't think about that one.

Christy Garrett Uplifting Families said...

My youngest son always announces when he "Farts" or "Burps". I think it is a boy thing. But your not alone.

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