We've Been Named A Top 10 Mommy Blog of 2013 by Parenting.com!

The pressure is on now...  Parenting.com just notified me that, First Time Mom & Dad, has been named as a Top 10 Mommy Blog of 2013! PARENTING. DOT. COM! I am absolutely blown away.  ME... US!  This Blog... WOW.
WOW! WOW! WOW! Sorry, I am just so incredibly stoked!  They... Me... Top 10!!!

And then, as if being named on this incredible list, with the likes of Scary Mommy, is not enough, they even said really nice stuff about us...

"Loveable Duo." They called me and FTD a Lovable Duo!! HA!  Loveable. Us?  I totally just shed a tear over that. 

And hell yeah our stories are, "a bit crazy at times," we are talking about Parenthood here. That shit IS crazy!

Oh wow, you all... WOW!

Thanks to this incredible honor, I better keep bringing the crazy to prove we really do deserve this.  So, stay tuned.

For now... I'm off to call my mom... WHOO HOO!!!

It's already proving to be FANTASTIC! 

Oh, sorry, to see the complete list of the TOP 10 (INCREDIBLE) Blogs of 2013 on Parenting.com, CLICK HERE.

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