Apr 18, 2014

I Just Want To Hold On To This Moment...

I'm not sure if it was me going away this past weekend, or what, but I am clinging to my child like a magnet on a refrigerator.  Everyone said it would be him behaving like that after a weekend away, but it's not him, it's me!  I just want to hold him and smother him with hugs and kisses. I keep finding myself staring and smiling at my son.  My beautiful, kind, articulate, amazing little son. "Little" being the operative word.  I see him now in all of his 2-year-old three-foot glory, and know it will not last long. For some reason, now more than ever, I want to hold tight to each moment and memorize every little finger, toe and eyelash.

Apr 17, 2014

Have I Ever Told You About My One Food Obsession? #DeliFreshBOLD

This sponsored post was written while participating in my partnership with Oscar Mayer and One2One Network, but as always, all opinions are my own. I received Deli Fresh BOLD coupons and other related items from Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods

I know it is not good to have food obsessions, and for the most part I don't, but when it comes to sandwiches, I am a little food obsessed. I love love love sandwiches of all types, sizes, shapes and flavors. I even have special sandwich combos I make with special sauces depending on mood. I drive FTD crazy with the obsession, because not only do I eat a fancy sandwich for lunch nearly everyday, I make him eat one too! 
The Essential Sandwich crafting kit:
1. Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh BOLD Lunchmeat
2. A secret sauce sandwich spreader
3. Sandwich food art book for inspiration
3. Reusable sandwich bags. #GoGREEN
4. A large cutting board/work surface to make sandwich art!
FYI: Oscar Mayer, created a line of lunch meats for me! OK. Fine. They were not created for me specifically, but... quite the coincidence that they created the perfect selection of bold flavors to kick my already stellar sandwiches up a notch... They line of meats is called "Deli Fresh BOLD", and it's super YUM! 

The newest varieties of the BOLD flavor line to hit the grocery shelves are:

  • Italian Style Herb Turkey Breast
  • Cajun Style Turkey Breast
  • Maple Honey Ham
  • Chipotle Season Chicken Breast

  • Each package contains no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, are gluten free AND are 97% Fat Free!

    OK, back to me and my love o' the sandwich. Today in an attempt to dazzle you with my sandwich crafting skills, I am going to share one of my absolute favorite sandwich recipes. The Pesto Italian! 

    Here is what you will need to recreate the masterpiece...
    1. Great bread--soft or crunchy Italian
    2. Oscar Mayer BOLD Italian Style Herb Turkey
    3. MozzarellaProvolone or your favorite cheese.
    4. The usual suspects: Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion
    5. The secret sauce- Lite Mayo and pesto mixed together to form a yummy pesto aioli! 

    If you look close, you can see the turkey is covered in the perfect amount of Italian Style Herbs. That's where that fabulous BOLD flavor comes from, and still all that flavor and no artificial flavors, preservatives, or gluten! And at 97% fat free, go ahead and add guilt free to the list! 

    Have I already said, Yum? Because, YUM!

    Are you a sandwich lover? What's your favorite sandwich? 

    For more BOLD ideas, Check out the Oscar Mayer Website and follow Oscar Mayer on Twitter and Facebook!

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    Sometimes, Parenting Is The Worst Part About Being A Parent.

    Parenting is hard. Very Hard. And sometimes, it's the worst part about being a parent. It sucks constantly saying, NO! or Don't Touch that! or That's Not For You! or the thousands of other things I have to say and do that are not particularly fun, in order to raise a future upstanding member of society.

    Sure, anyone can be a parent, but not everyone is good at parenting...

    Parenting is a constant job you do for the rest of your life (hopefully). It takes a ridiculous amount of selflessness, patience and unconditional love. It also takes a great deal of forgiveness of both your child and yourself, to even come close to surviving with your sanity. Good parenting means making sacrifices and understanding that your child comes first more times than not.  Good parenting is equal parts unconditional love, tough love, guidance, structure and understanding.  Sometimes that balance is so hard to achieve

    While talking with a childless friend, she was telling me how much she loves being an Aunt. She gets to pick her niece and nephew up, spoil them rotten, shower them with love and affection, and then return them to her sister at the end of the day. Because of this, she has this idea of parenting that is WAY off! Fortunately for her, all she sees are these two happy, mostly well-behaved easy going children. She doesn't have to see the truly ugly side of having children.  The crankiness. The illnesses that keep you up all night. The constant battle of good nutrition. The never-ending 'NOs!' and redirection. She doesn't have to be the meany.  That's what the parents are for.

    Of course, I love being a mom.  I love the rewards that come along with it.  I love the kisses and smiles and sweet hugs. I love the good times and relish in them.  That being said,  I hate the bad times, when it's my job to be the mean one, or the days when it seams my son's naughty switch is stuck in the 'ON' position. I hate when I know if I do not lay down the rules and uphold them through consequences then my son will grow up to be a shit.

    I try my best to not get too caught up in the bad behavior and days I feel like I am saying NO! all day.  I try my best to remind myself that great parenting, no matter how hard it is at times, leads to great children. Oh yes, parenting can certainly suck and seem like the hardest job in the world at times, but like with everything else, hard work eventually pays off... which will hopefully lead to a wonderful child that, thanks to my great parenting, is not a complete terror with no boundaries. At least, that's the plan...

    So for those of you out there that, like me, feel like some days you are constantly reprimanding and wanting to rip your hair out, those days are the ones that will eventually lead to proud moments later in life, when your child is a well-mannered, articulate and kind member of society. (Dammit, they better be!)

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    PUHSH-- Bringing Mutual Friends Together One Sale At A Time

    This post is sponsored. All Opinion are my own. As if.

    No doubt by the time your first child is 3-months-old you are sick of looking at all of the stuff you HAD to have, that in the end, you only used once or twice, or worse, never. Then to add insult to injury, there is even more stuff that you have to have... that you know deep down you will only use once or twice, so the thought of paying full price makes you ill.  So, now you have a pile of stuff that's basically brand new you do not need, AND a pile of stuff that you need but don't want to pay full price for since you know you will barely use it. Naturally, you want to sell the stuff to afford new stuff, but those baby consignment shops insult you with prices, and Craigslist strangers are the reason it's called "Stranger Danger," so you look for other opportunities... Well, what if I told you a new app would allow you to buy, sell with friends and friends of friends? I'm happy to introduce PUHSH! The only app that hooks you up with friends and friends of friends, to buy, sell all you stuff!

    So what exactly is PUHSH?  In the words of the creators.
    "Puhsh is a fast and fun way to buy and sell stuff locally. It’s a revolutionary solution to the overly complicated world of Online Garage Sales, Facebook Swapping Groups, and anonymous Craigslist Ads."

    Here is a short video to really show how this 'revolutionary' app works!


    Ok, I LOVE the idea of just transferring money, then setting the sweater outside my front door for pick up... how incredibly convenient. I also like the idea of meeting other parents in my area who are friends of friends with kids the same age/size as mine.  I mean, it's going to take the right person to love my favorite outfit of Ollie's. Not to mention, I will know instantly that person and I should be friends... You all know the outfit I am talking about...

    Those Pants are EPIC! 

    Quick Recap...

    It's actually really simple...
    1. Download the app.
    2. Login with Facebook.
    3. Load your items for sale.
    4. Browse for Awesomeness while you wait for your stuff to sell.
    5. Look for friends and mutual friends already selling their stuff. 
    6. Make Money and find the things you need at a price that doesn't make you want to throw up!


    To download on the App Store-CLICK HERE
    To Download on Google Play- CLICK HERE
    To visit the website for more information-CLICK HERE 

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    Apr 16, 2014

    The Boy Who Cried, POO POOS, MOMMY!

    Potty training... ugh!  Ever since that first, "Mommy! Potty!" I have had my eye on the prize-- a diaper free existence. Too bad no matter how hard I keep my eye on the prize, it all hinges on the whim of a two-year-old.  A two-year-old with a raging case of the boy who cried, POO POOS, MOMMY! And yes, that means what you are thinking, just like the boy who cried WOLF! for all the wrong reasons, my toddler cries POO POOS! for all the wrong reasons...

    I dream of the day I only use diapers as redneck coasters.

    When my kid yells anything that has to do with going to the potty, I jump up, grab him and run to the nearest potty. Doesn't every parent desperate to get out of diapers?? Too bad, my son has figured out that he can control me, and his ability to choose whether or not he wants to do something simply by saying those three magic words, Poo poos, mommy...
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    Apr 15, 2014

    The 10 Greatest Moments From The Best. Weekend. Ever! #ContinentalMom #ForWhatYouDo

    Today's Top 10 Tuesday is packed full of my favorite moments from my weekend with Continental in San Antonio and Uvalde, Texas. INSANE! INSANE! INSANE!

    My friends, this past weekend was up there in awesomeness with my wedding and Ollie's birth. Seriously. Thanks to Continental Tires, I met 10 incredible top bloggers across different platforms, I ate amazing food, I had my every need anticipated and provided for, I learned about the different measures of tire tread and what they really meant, I got to compare the top leading tire manufacturer's tires in multiple driving scenarios, I learned life saving driving skills, I got to ride in a helicopter and in a 150k BMW Drift car, shoot skeet, and see the Alamo! All in 36 hours! INSANE!!!! I just kept thanking everyone, and in-between pinching myself to make sure it all was not a dream.

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    Aurorae SYNERGY Towel-Mat A.k.a. Best. Yoga. Mat. EVER! #Giveaway

    The products reviewed today were provided free of charge. All opinions are my own. As if. 

    I have been practicing yoga for over half my life on and off. I fell out of my practice when I got pregnant, and didn't go back until just last February. When Ollie turned two, I had this awakening that I was out of shape, over weight and needed to do something about it STAT! So, I went back to the one and onto exercise regime I stick with, Yoga. 

    While it was amazing to get back to the mat, I found that I was slipping all over the place in my warm vinyasa and power yoga classes. I have a feeling being 40 pounds overweight and sweating like boxer in the 12th round of the fight of his life might have something to do with it. Thankfully, after trying out FOUR different mats in an attempt to fix my slipping issue--it was really that big of an issue-- I found the answer; The Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat.  From the very first use, my hands and feet did not slip!

    After three weeks and 12 classes of solid use, I can honestly say this is hands down the best mat I have ever used.  And I have practiced on quite a few over the years.

    For those of you who are long time yoga lovers, this mat is most likely intriguing and questionable at first glance. In fact, I know exactly what you are thinking, a mat that has the towel STUCK to the top of it? Sounds cool but...  Is it really practical for all types of yoga? How does it stay bacteria free?  How do you wash it?  

    ...I had all of the same questions and concerns too. 

    Believe it or not, to clean the mat clean you machine wash it! Or, sometimes I will just throw it in the shower with me after class, hand wash it, then  roll it up with a towel to remove the excess water and then hang it over the curtain rod. By morning it's dry and read y for my next class! I LOOOOOOOVE THIS MAT! 

    OK, so here is the lowdown on the one of a kind (US PATENT PROTECTEDEco-Friendly Synergy Mat, by Aurorae.

    • 1st product of it's kind. Bonds a 5mm Yoga mat bottom surface with Lush Slip-Free Microfiber Towel Top Surface. 
    •  72" long.
    • The more you sweat, the better your grip. 
    • Great for Hot Yoga practices, Ashtanga, Bikram etc. 
    • No Slipping, no bunching or movement like you get from having a separate towel on your mat during practice. 
    • Easy to care for and machine washable. 
    • No Odor
    • Light weight and easy to carry. 
    • Eco Safe SGS approved, free from Latex, Silicone and Phthalates
    • The company has highest and most rated yoga mats on Amazon!
    From my very first down dog on the mat I was hooked.  It made such a difference for my practice.  Imagine, going from slipping every class to not. at. all! 

    To keep the mat fresh in-between washes I use the Aurorae Spa Organics Meditative Mist in Lavender. And because I love the smell so much, I give my mat a couple of sprays before my class too!

    I have the soy harmony candle too, because I love everything lavender. $25 for the set! 

    And because I am a mom who has to lug half a house with me wherever I go, I also have the, Aurorae Yoga Mat Sport Bag/Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Backpack. ($35 on Amazon!)

    Ok, so clearly I am obsessed with everything Aurorae right now. 

    Bottom line: If you have issues with slipping in yoga class, I cannot recommend the Aurorae Synergy mat enough! I have four mats, and use this one exclusively. It has really changed my yoga practice for the better. 

    To get your own, CLICK HERE.

    Feeling lucky? Sign up below for your chance to win a Synergy mat in you choice of color! 
    a Rafflecopter giveaway
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    Apr 13, 2014

    Not Only Does The World Not Stop When Mom Goes Away, Dad LOVES It...

    Would you believe that Ollie didn’t cry once for me while I was away?  When I would call, Skype or FaceTime all I got were smiles and tales of his adventures with FTD.  PLANES, Mommy!--FTD Took him to the local airfield. “Walk-a-wagon, Mommy!”--FTD took him for a walk in the wagon twice a day. “Sghetti and chippies, Mommy!” --Dad-dinner of pasta and fries. “Ollies’ House, Mommy!"--FTD took him to see our new house. The tales of their adventures went on and on, with FTD in the background filling in the details. I couldn’t believe my ears, after all my worrying over leaving Ollie, he was having a grand time with daddy; clearly unaffected by my absence.

    Day One. Going To Work With Daddy
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    Apr 10, 2014

    Caught Between, 'I Am Going To Miss You So Much' and 'PEACE OUT!'

    I'm getting on a plane and flying far away from FTD and Ollie. I am really torn about this. Part of me wants to hold Ollie so tight and smother him with kisses and 'I Love Yous' until I leave. The other part of me wants to pack my shit and head to the airport a little early. The mom in me doesn't want to go. The me in me  that is desperate to wear heels and nice clothes and have grown up conversations, is so excited to board that plane for my awesome weekend. Regardless, all of me doesn't feel bad one bit that I am going.

    It's hard to believe that in the two-years, two-months and eight days since my son was born, I have not spent more than six hours away from him. No overnights to grandmas house, no business trips or cousin sleepovers. Truth be told, I am OK with that. I miss Ollie when I am away from him for one-hour. So the thought of being away from him for nearly 60 hours is a lot to process!

    The only thing holding me back from being 100% stoked to get away (alone) for the weekend is my worry over how Ollie will react to me being gone. I worry about what Ollie will think when mommy doesn't come home for two sleeps? I wonder if he will give FTD hell over going to sleep without mommy. I wonder if he will think I have left him for good...   

    I am looking so forward to the weekend. I need to get away and recenter to me.  I need to be off mommy duty for a couple of days.  And well, in addition to all of the awesomeness that is planned...  I am SO SO SO SO looking forward the bed at the hotel. I dream of it's emptiness. I dream of it's quietness. I dream of it's clean sheets that have not had any dirty fingers or snotty noses rubbed all over them. For two nights in a row I get to sleep in a clean bed by myself without the fear of a little toddler staring at me at three in the morning screaming, WAKE UP MOMMY! I only have one word for it, Bliss.  Pure freaking good night sleep bliss!

    FYI: That's what my bed heaven looks like...

    This may sound silly, but I do wonder how much I will miss him and if my heart will physically hurt being away from him for so long. I know how much I miss him when I am away from him for two hours, so I cannot imagine how much I will miss him when I am away for two days! I insist dropping him off at the church for mommy's day out is the greatest moment of my day, until I go back to pick him up... THAT is the greatest moment of my day.  Oh my gosh I have to stop talking about missing him, it's making me miss him already!

    As much of a badass kickass super duper dad FTD is... I'd be lying if I said I was not a little worried about FTD being in charge for the weekend. I know in my heart that FTD is completely capable of looking after Ollie for the weekend. I know the two will probably have the best time eating shit and wrecking the joint. But I also know first-hand that looking after a toddler for six-hours straight is a whole lot of work, so to think FTD is on duty for 60-hours straight... SUCKS!  I have no doubt by the time my plane lands FTD will be one crazed daddy. I wouldn't be surprised if he hands me Ollie and the car keys at the airport and tells me he is going to have a few drinks at the airport bar and will catch a cab home.  I know I would.

    FTD when it's all over...
    When I get all caught up in should I go, should I not go, I remind myself that I am going, it's going to happen, and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN! I also know that when I get back all will be even better than when I left. Still, it's not easy to just leave, so I have started to hold Ollie a little tighter and closer, and for a little longer before putting him in his crib to sleep. I have also planned a big day for us today so he will have his fill of mom and boy time before I leave... and so will I.

    Bottom line: I desperately need this time away, and am so excited for all of the amazing events I get to attend being a brand ambassador for Continental. Still, that doesn't mean I won't spend a good part of my time away wondering what FTD and Ollie are up to, and how much crap they have consumed while wrecking the house...

    Have you gone away from your child(ren)?  Please tell me about it...
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