Dec 1, 2015

5 Ways To Combat Raising A Santa Obsessed Kid

**I've Partnered with the Good Deeds Manger to talk about the importance of not letting your child become obsessed with Santa and Gifts during the holidays, but rather understand the importance of kindness, giving and sharing. All opinions are my own. 

Over the years, I have come across some of the most obnoxious santa and gift obsessed kids. Kids who tear through twenty Christmas gifts, then get upset when there are no more presents to open. Kids who have no idea why we celebrate the holidays. Kids who, when I walk through the door on Christmas day jump up and down asking, "What did you bring me?" 

I never want that to be my child.

In an effort combat the creation of a spoiled Santa obsessed brat, I'm making it my mission to teach my kid the true meaning of the holidays. Below is a list of five ways I plan to stop my son from being a Santa obsessed kid, and understand that it's far more fulfilling to give than receive.
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Nov 30, 2015

5 Tips To Save Big On Cyber Monday

It's Here! It's Here!  Cyber Monday, Is here!

1. The deals are outstanding!
2. I get to shop from my couch
3. Most all websites offer free delivery.

FACT: Consumers expect to spend 45% of their holiday budgets this year via e-commerce channels, according to a survey released by Javelin Strategy & Research. During the entire year, online and mobile commerce are expected to comprise 9% of total retail sales in 2015, up from 6% five years ago.

As easy and fun as it can be to shop the world wide Interwebz, Cyber Monday only lasts 24 hours, so having a clear focused plan is necessary.  Below are 5 ways to find the best Cyber Monday Sales

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Nov 27, 2015

Holiday Shopping PSA: Need A Reality Check?

Nothing says I hate my life like shopping for holiday gifts at the last minute, with a child in tow.  I know, I've done it. Twice. Last year I vowed to NEVER find myself in a line that snakes all the way to the back of the store, to buy over priced crap because I'm in a last-minute-pinch.  So I made a plan. A really good plan to not only save time, but money too!  Here are my best 10 Tips To Save BIG On Holiday Shopping... and not find yourself crying in a mile long line holding overpriced junk.

Before I get started, I need you to repeat after me...


1. Plan ahead. Everyone's been naughty, just make the damn list already! Probably the biggest mistake I make is heading to the stores with a loose list of people to shop for, and a vague idea of what I want to get them. Nothing says FAIL faster!  Make a list of anyone and everyone you may want/need to buy gifts for, then add your vague gift ideas... maybe even go so far as to just come out and ask them what they want. Then use this as your master list. Stick to it, and when that person has been taken care of, write down what you got them, and cross them off the list.

2. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! I am so bad about shopping for myself during the holidays. So bad. As much I am a huge fan of retail therapy, there are two major flaws with this:

1. My holiday shopping time and budget is limited.
2. The post holiday clearance sales in January are WAY BETTER.

It's best to leave yourself out of the equation until after the holidays. Plus, won't it feel so much better trading in Auntie Nell's ugly sweater for the one you've had your eye on since the holidays... that's now half price!?

3. Leave the distractions at home.  When possible, avoid taking your child(ren) with you.  Even if this means trading all of your lunch breaks until January.  Brown bag it and shop in peace.  We all know, kids not only complicate the mission, they can make it costly needing extras... and don't forget the chance for meltdowns and diaper blowouts.

4. Price shop from home.  There are way too many apps and websites available today to not to compare prices, both online and in stores. Pull out the list you made and start going through it before you start shopping. Write down where the best deal is, then check your list once finished for stores or websites that overlap. This can save you a bundle on shipping and time.  Between the coupon apps and the compare-and-save apps, there is no reason to pay full price anymore.

Example:  I needed a big ticket item from a big box hardware store. I went to their website, found what I wanted, then searched for a coupon code.  I was able to save 20% at checkout with a coupon code I found on  What made the deal even sweeter was that I opted for in-store pickup.  This was fast, seamless and saved me time and money. DO THIS!!!

5. Crowd-Sourced Deals.  There is a new trend going on where websites are crowdsourcing for cheaper deals. Basically, if 10 people show interest in an item, then the website reaches out directly to the manufacturer for a bulk buy rate, then passes the deal on. Look for theses deals on those big ticket items.

6. Coupon like a crazy person.  Coupons are everywhere these days, don't buy without them! Don't just rely on coupon specific websites and apps, check the website for the store you are heading to.  Many are offering in-store coupons.

7. Don't discount the discount sites. Websites like Amazon, Groupon, Zulily, Overstock, Wayfarer...  all will be fighting for attention this season, so capitalize on it!  Most are even offering free shipping on the smallest orders. I have each bookmarked this time of year to check quickly for steals on things on my list.

8.  Shop Secondhand. What does every parent have in common at 2am on Christmas Eve/Hanukkah? They're putting together toys. So, if you are going to give your child a fully assembled toy anyway, why not just buy it secondhand, shine it up and slap a bow on it? Secondhand children's stores and higher end consignment shops have incredible deals on gently used items... so worth checking out!

9. Hit up Pinterest and get crafty. Make something for the person that has everything.  Every year I knit hats and scarves for family and friends. They all look forward to them now; some even put in orders for specific colors.

10. Regift it! Before you do any of the things on this list, grab a box and walk around your house filling it with crap you don't want anymore. Remember, your crap is another person's treasure. Somehow. Once you have filled the box, sit down and decide which friend/family member or what holiday party's Secret Santa you can pawn your crap gift the goods to.

How do you save big during the holidays? If you have any tips or tricks, please please please share them!!!!
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Nov 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Humor, Jokes and Dysfunction That Will Make Your Family Seem Normal

To get you in the spirit of family fun and of course, heaps of dysfunction, here are a few Thanksgiving day laughs to get you going...

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Nov 23, 2015

Enjoy The Best Of The Holidays Lactose-Free #NoMore #DairyEnvy

**I've partnered with LACTAID® to share some great recipes and ideas for enjoying all the flavors of the Holidays Lactose-Free. All Opinions are my own. Especially, the part about hitting my life quota for Lactose, and it being total crap. 

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is the food. Some of my happiest memories from Christmastime are decorating cookies with my mom and siblings while drinking hot chocolate piled high with whip cream or gobbling up pie with a yummy cold glass of Egg Nog. 

Don't even get me started on the holiday party spreads and dessert tables. I've already polished off a bar of Peppermint bark. I LOVE the holidays!!
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5 Ways To Reconnect with Your Partner Over The Holidays #FeelTheLove

In T-minus a few days, the Holidays will officially take over. Between the parties, presents, family gatherings, work obligations, and of course, the children, the stress level can go through the roof, leaving even the strongest couples bickering.

Not. Good.

Don't let this be you and your partner. Take time for each other during the holidays; Reconnect, make memories and be intimate! Be reminded how you two made it this far in the first place.

Below are five fun ways to keep the fire burning bright between you and your partner this holiday season... and beyond!

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Nov 22, 2015

PARENT PSA: Before You Let LEGOS In Your House, READ THIS!

Today's Parent PSA is well overdue. I've known about the dangers and life changing effects that come with owning Legos for some time, and should have said something by now. This blog is after all built on the back of my fails and lessons learned. So, here goes, a very important public service announcement about the havoc legos can cause if you let them and tips for controlling the chaos.

First of all, letting Legos in your home will immediately put an end to a few things...
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We are FAR from childhood development professionals. We cannot and will not be held responsible if you take us seriously. Especially because we don't even take ourselves seriously.