Mar 6, 2015

Toddlers Are Master Manipulators #TerribleThrees

I always heard the 'terrible twos' were nothing compared to the 'terrible threes.'  At the time, I could not imagine how in the hell that could be possible. How could being constantly ignored while every boundary and rule were being tested to the fullest, be nothing compared to three year old behavior? Seriously how could anything be worse?

Well. I'll tell you how.  Those little shits fight smarter and harder when they turn three.

Mar 5, 2015

The One Movement Monitor All New Parents Should Have. BabySense 5s #Review #Giveaway

The only thing that scared me more than being a new parent, was SIDS. I often joke about how the first 48 hours after bringing our newborn home from the hospital, FTD and I took turns standing over his crib to make sure he was still breathing. Once we were able to lighten up a little, we left his room and sat in front of his monitor staring at him, counting the seconds in between movements and funny sounds. Or when Ollie would sleep five minutes past his usual, I would run to his room to make sure he was OK! It's safe to say, we were neurotic the first few months of our first born's life. 

I remember telling a girlfriend about my constant fears, and how I lost more sleep watching Ollie sleep than necessary.  She told me she was the same with her first, so with her second she sprung for a "movement and breathing monitor."  She said it helped her sleep at night because it would sound a VERY loud alarm if her baby did not make even the slightest of movements within 20-seconds of the last movement.

Curious, I looked it up and after seeing the science behind the movement monitors I cursed the baby books for not telling me about them! After all, BabySense Movement Monitors (the first movement monitor on the market) have been around since 1992! It's what hospitals use! 

The BabySense 5s infant movement monitor is a highly sensitive non-touch device that monitors baby's micro-movements through the mattress during sleep. If the infant's micro-movements stop or become irregularly slow the monitor alerts caretakers. It's like having eyes on your baby even when you don't.  LOVE IT! 

Since I am not good with conveying the scientific aspects, here is a short video that completely explains how baby's nano movements can be tracked through the mattress!

It's pretty fantastic how the Babysense 5s movement monitor works... 

Babysense is a highly sensitive device that monitors and detects even the slightest movements through the mattress. Baby sense sounds an alarm alerting to check the baby if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to less than 10 micro-movements per minute.

It's super simple to set-up too! You slide the two monitor sensors under the mattress, but on top of a flat surface--some people add a plank of plywood to create a perfectly flat hard surface.

Hook the sensors into the monitor--all wires under the mattress to prevent hazard--and then turn the monitor on! 

Now everyone can rest easy...

I've looked into a few other movement monitors and found that not only was BabySense the first on the market, but the only one with TWO sensor pads.  This baffles me because the fear of sids doesn't go away when baby starts moving around in the crib!  For me, it got even more scary.  I would put Ollie in his crib, swaddled on his back, and then find him in the morning broken free from the swaddle and at the other end of the bed!  I need a sensor on both sides! 

Another great aspect of the BabySense 5s Movement Monitor is that it's won a bunch of awards, but most notable, the PTPA award where actual parents and caregivers tested multiple movement monitors and liked BabySense the best!

Bottom Line: I definitely recommend the BabySense 5s Movement Monitor!  I think every first time parent should have one. The peace of mind is worth every penny!  

BUY IT NOW: To find a retail location near you, or to buy online right now (Free shipping!), click here!

WIN IT:  One lucky winner will win a Babysense 5s Monitor.  Sign up below! (Open to US & Canada)

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Mar 4, 2015

Good News: Those Toddler Scribbles On the Wall And Floor Are A Good Thing...

Did you know, scribbling is the foundation of writing?  

When your toddler begins to color with crayons or markers, those scribbles and swirls may not look like much, but they are the stepping stones to creativity, free thinking and learning to write. See! I told you toddler wall art had a silver lining! 

(Ok, it's still annoying as hell!)

Annoying wall art aside, art introduces a child to a whole new world, full of decision making and self-evaluation. Here are five tips to help your toddler find his/her inner artist!
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Mar 3, 2015

10 Fun Facts About Daylight Savings Time... #1 It Begins This Weekend!

That's right, Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins this Sunday, March 8th at 2:00am. In honor of the sleep snatching event, for Top 10 Tuesday I thought I would share 10 fun facts to shed some light on why we even bother.

Without further ado, 10 Fun Facts About Daylight Saving Time...

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Mar 2, 2015

Why My Family Is Not Allowed To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Ever Again

In honor of Girl Scout cookie season, I thought I would remind, and enlighten, a few of you as to why I'm nearly certain the Girl Scout have circulated a photo of FTD, Ollie and I with the caption, Steer clear, they are completely nuts. Especially, the Australian and his mini-me...

Thanks to his big mouth, noises and hand gestures, we may have a restraining order issued against us by the Girl Scouts of America. You all, I cannot make this shit up…
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Feb 25, 2015

The Parenting Lesson That Changed The Game For Me...

Do you ever have those days where it seems like there is too much going on, everything is going wrong and in-between it all, there's a toddler hanging from you saying, "mommy" four thousand times a second?

Yeah, me too.

On those days, I want nothing more than to run away to a secluded island and stick my head in the sand.

I found myself in those overwhelming moments thinking something must be so wrong with me that I can't keep it together. I was sure I was horrible person for getting frustrated with my son's constant demands, or the constant demands of my household. I felt like I was a terrible ungrateful person when I would want nothing more than a day away from my life and family.

I know for myself, and other parents I have talked to, we can harbor so much guilt for not being "on" and happy all the time for our children. Yet, it's impossible. We'd never hold anyone to that level of super-human ability, so why do we hold ourselves to it?

Thanks to plenty of conversations with other parents and articles about how losing your shit is normal, I don't hold myself to super-human standards anymore. Bad days happen to the best of us. I am human. I can only handle so much. I can only do so much. I can only be so selfless and "ON" for so long before I need a moment.

Now, when I'm feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, or even just having a bad day,  I step back, recognize that I'm frazzled and honor that feeling for a few moments while taking break to breathe.

That's right, I now embrace losing my shit. I've learned to recognize when I am about to hit my limit and walk away... without guilt.

It turns out, taking the time to lose my shit empowers me to be stronger. First, I stop to recognize that I am having a bad day, forgive myself for it, and then promise myself tomorrow will be better. When I take the guilt away from a very natural, human reaction to being overwhelmed, I feel better instantly.

If this is resonating with you, please know that you are not a horrible person or parent for having a bad day. It's completely normal. Take a moment to honor your feelings, and breathe. Tell yourself you are awesome, and doing the best you can, and that tomorrow will be better.


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Feb 24, 2015

Amazon's #1 Selling Eye Treatment Just Got Better! Loving Elite Serum RX... #Giveaway

The only thing worse than pregnancy weight gain, is the crazy dark circles that  are equally difficult to get rid of. My dark circles were horrifying during pregnancy and contiued right to this day. Think: raccoon horrifying.  I chalked up those nasty circles up to having all of my nutrients and water depleted from nursing, and of course, not being able to get eight solid hours of sleep. OK, four. I couldn't get four solid hours of sleep the first six-months of my child's life.  

After a year of constant raccoon eyes and noticeable new wrinkles, and still nursing and not sleeping long stretches, I began to focus my attention on correcting the dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, before I looked 90 at 40.  

Over the past two (plus) years, I have tried every home remedy, lotion, serum and miracle cream on the market. Just recently, I had the pleasure of testing out Elite Serum RX, from SkinPro. The original and award-winning Elite Serum is the perennial #1 Best Seller overall in the Eyes category on Amazon.

In an effort to continue to stay ahead of the game and constantly improve their products, SkinPro recently launched the new Elite Serum Rx. (Rated Extra Strength due to the high concentration inclusion of Pentapharm's new SYN-TC and Lipotec's Inyline peptides in the formula.) Another notable improvement is that the product viscosity mimics a rich eye cream, yet it maintains the cosmetic properties of a completely oil-free and non-comedogenic serum! 

Benefits and features:

Formulated with the highest concentration of medical grade ingredients.
Rich seaweed extract base as used by the world's most expensive serums.
Contains scientifically advanced peptides that have proven results.
Delivers a youthful and vibrant appearance around the eyes.
Rapidly brings oxygen and nutrients to the eye area.
Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Feel the difference directly under and around the eye area within minutes.
Ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing application.
No injection needed. It works on areas where painful cosmetic injections can not.
A Cooling, hyper toning sensation indicates that the serum is working.
Scientifically designed as hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.
Can be used safely and beneficially in conjunction with other skin care products.
Ability to work alone as needed as a powerful eye serum.
Manufactured in the USA in an advanced FDA registered research laboratory.

According to Skin Pro: Never before has such a single-purpose cosmeceutical been so potent that the most respected cosmetic surgery medical journal in the world, Plastic Surgery Practice, praised its efficacy in an unsolicited editorial.

My personal experience:

First of all, I have NEVER seen anything like the "syringe" packaging. I'm embarrassed to say it was a little intimidating at first, but it turns out, it is hands down the most effective and easy to use system. It also allows for use of every drop of serum!

I also have to mention that the syringe is FULL of serum.  I have used it diligently for almost a month, and it's still over half-full. So even though the $89.95 retail price is scary, even with daily once or twice use, each supply would last two months! 

But is it worth it?

Wrinkles: There is no denying it fills in wrinkles on contact! I'm floored by how well it has fought my fine lines and wrinkles. I've even started using it on my forehead wrinkles, just to see if it fights those "deeper" wrinkles as well!  

Puffy under-eye bags: I was very happy with the puff reduction.  I'm a belly sleeper and when you add a toddler laying across my head into the equation, I wake up looking like a blow fish! EliteSerum RX works very well to reduce the puffs, and after a month, I can say, the morning puffs are reduced out of bed!

Dark Circles.  I give it a B+.  The serum definitely helped, but didn't completely erase my dark circles, however,  to a person with minimal morning dark circles, I bet this wipes them right away.  I just have a horrible issue, that needs more than a serum.  I have to drink loads of water and get a good 8-hours of sleep to diminish my raccoon eyes completely. 

Final verdict: Elite Serum RX is pretty damn good! 

To get your hands on Elite Serum RX right now, you can order directly from SkinPro and set up replenishment to snag the serum for only $59.95 a tube, here! 

Feeling lucky?  Sign-up below for your chance to win on tube of Elite SerumRX! 

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Feb 23, 2015

Without A Doubt, This Is One Of My Favorite Things About Being A Parent

Oh those first few weeks of parenting are so difficult. The sleeplessness. The fear of SIDS. The fear of screwing up. The fear of screwing my kid up. The constant second guessing... Then, something magical happens that makes it all melt away... a life-changing smile.

Without a doubt, seeing my son's smile for the first time was magic. Even if it was due to gas. (Which, I'm still not convinced of) His sweet little gummy grin melted my heart. From that moment on, getting my little baby to smile became my full-time job. I made stupid faces, sounds, dropped shit, squeezed shit, threw shit... If I thought it would make him smile, I'd try it.

Then, one day, that sweet gummy grin was followed by a sound that sent a beautiful rush of euphoria through my body; my baby giggled.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

From that moment on, my baby's giggle was the ONLY sound I wanted to hear. I ramped up my stupid faces and sounds, dropped more shit, squeezed more shit, threw more shit. FTD too. Our son must have thought, Where the hell did I land, the world of stupid people?

Still to this day, there is absolutely nothing I love more than seeing my son smile and laugh. Just one little smile can make a bad day, better.  One little infectious laugh can melt all of my stress away in an instant.


 And then there's the whole other ball game; when my son gets super excited.

Oh my goodness I love it when my son shows completely uncensored joy and excitement. Like when he nearly jumps out of his car seat when he sees a train coming, I want to jump out of my seat too. Or when I hand over a new Hot Wheel, the look of pure joy on his face followed by, "Thank you, mommy! I love it.",  the world is a perfectly wonderful place in those few sweet seconds.



Of course there are millions of reasons why I love being a mother, but without a doubt, at the top of that list is living vicariously through my child. Seeing life through his eyes and experiences can only be described as one thing, Incredible.

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