16 Super Cool DIY Valentine Box Ideas For The Class Party

To the first-time parents about to expereince their first valentine's day class party, get ready. This is the holiday that requireds the most parent involvement. My best advice is to start early. Waiting until the last minute to make the Valentine Box and the Valentines is No Bueno! Picture it: You up until 2 am making the box and signing your child's name on 25 class Valentines.

NOTE: If the idea of making a Valentine's Day box makes your sphinter spasm, no worries go to Target and buy a ready made box. Yes, they totally exist. I did that last year. This year, We're making the BB8 Trash can. I picked up the stuff at the Dollar Store. I'll post the tutorial asap.

If you feel adventurous and crafty, it's really easy to make the box, and your child will probably love making it with you. All you need is either a shoebox, cereal box or tissue box, construction papaer and an imagination. Below are 16 super easy to recreate Party boxes to get you thinking.

To see the step-by-step tutorial for any of the boxes or to see more Valentine's Day box ideas, Check out my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board. 

How To Eat Your Way To Glowing Flawless Skin + The Best You in 2018

Did you know, you can eat your way to clear flawless skin? What about there are foods you can eat that blast fine lines and cellulite? It's true. Why slather $100 Antioxidant and Vitamin C serum all over your face when you can eat it and give other parts of your body a boost at the same time?

What if I said you could lose a few pounds just by making small tweaks to your diet? No, there's none of that ban-carbs or starve-yourself-evil diet crap. In fact, stuff yourself stupid with these tasty superfoods!

Below are a few of my favorite (pinnable) charts showing the best foods to eat to get flawless glowing skin and so much more. Add the following to your weekly diet and notice the change in how you feel in days!

 Hydrate your skin from the inside out with these:

Here's your grocery list for the next week...

Make it a priority to eat at least two things from the above-mentioned powerhouse foods every day. You will notice the difference in a matter of days.  If you have a specific ailment I cannot recommend enough finding the foods that fight that. So much better than regulatory medication! Think: manage Type-2 Diabetes like a BOSS! 

My Husband Built a Life-Size Darth Vader On A Broken Lamp Stand. It's In My Living Room.

If you follow me on Social media, you already know there is a six and a half foot Darth Vader in my living room. Why? According to my husband who made it and put it there, why not?

Since many reached out to ask exactly how he made a life-size Darth Vader on a broken lamp stand, I've decided to put up the full tutorial. I apologize for the phots not being great quality, but he gets camera shy and huffs and puffs about how he doesn't like when I post him "doing this shit on Tweetergram."

What he doesn't understand is that it's genius and really easy, so it's my duty as a blogger to post this shit on tweetergram!  I present, how to make a lifesize statue of anything using a broken lampstand, a pole, duct tape and a costume. The man is fu*king brilliant.

How it all happened...

A few days ago, the Aussie comes home from work with a box filled with the most random shit; a few poles, two long bamboo sticks, a piece of white material, a plant stand on rolling wheels, twine, black duct tape and other crap at the bottom I didn't bother looking at. After dropping the box on the porch, he went back to his car and pulled out an old lamp post with bendable arms and lights on the end.

Naturally, I ask:

"What junk pile did you fall into?"

"I'm building a life-size fully to-scale Darth Vader."

Fair enough. I walk off.

An hour later, I see him digging in the box. It took me about four minutes to realize what the genius was up to. (Again, I apologize the photos aren't great, but I had to be incognito. I knew this was going to be gold, so I took photos should I need to show a full tutorial. <insert evil laugh>

What he used: You can use anything remotely similar.

1 (ONE) Broken Lampstand or pole on a stand, maybe even a big-ass stick stuck in a sandbag-- preferably the optimal height for your creation. The broken lamp stand he used was perfect, and really only cost $10 brand new.
2 (TWO) Poles cut to the required length of your needed wingspan.
Duct tape
Twine or thin rope
Costume or whatever your creation is dressed in.
Don't forget the shoes!

Next, he stuffed the costume with newspaper to fill it out and added the belt and other accessories.

Then, while I was upstairs putting the little one to bed, he rolled Darth Vader into the living room, and finished the job with shoes and all. OHMIGAWD. It scared the fu*king shit out of me when I turned the corner to find it looming over the room.

In my defense, it's the "Movie regulation," or something like that, Darth Vader costume. So it's to-scale and menacing AF. Which is why, the next morning, it scared the Shit out of my mom... then my sister and everyone else that walks into my house.

Then, they find out the buttons work. Darth Vader can breathe on them, insult them and threaten their life. It's amazing how much people love that shit. 

(Note: To the For Star Wars aficionados,
1. The wrong helmet was on in these photos, the "big one" wasn't on yet.
2. He used a 3-D printer and paint to make the accessories on the belt that did not come with the suit.
3. Yes, hot chicks LOVE geeks. Just Be You. ;)

11 inspirational quotes from the great MLK relevant to the issues of today. #HBDMLK


That Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What a Man. What an Inspiration. What a powerhouse and pioneer! 
Nearly fifty years after his death, Dr. King's words are still inspiring people the world around. In honor of the late humanitarian and superhero's birthday, here are 11 inspirational quotes from the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., relevant to the issues and injustice of today. 



10 ULTRA EASY Valentine's Day DIY Treats, Crafts and Gifts

With the long holiday weekend ahead, I thought I publish a fun Valentine's Day post full of SUPER EASY DIY Valentine's Day crafts, gift and treat ideas so easy there's no tutorial or crazy supplies needed. Enjoy! 


This is a classic, that you can do year after year. Fill grandma's garden perhaps? Make a stepping stone path in the back garden?
Salt Dough Stepping Stones
This is so easy!
1 Cup of salt
1 Cup of Flour
1/2 Cup of Water
Roll out like dough then form into a heart.
Get those little toes and a butter knife!
Once the footprints are made, use a butter knife or thin end of a fork to PRESS in the letters,  DO DO NOT drag, letters will get screwed up.

Bake @ 200F (or 100C) for 3 hours. 
Once completely cool, paint and let dry.

Since so many of us have to make a class Valentine box, 

I thought I would remind you how easy it is. 

Three things: Old box. Crafting crap. Your imagination.

Speaking of class party, here's a cheap and easy heart hat. 

TIP: Forget the white plates. Find Valentine's Day Party plates!  Feeling all crafty? Kick the hat up a notch or two.

Here's another great party idea, check out these super easy heart cupcakes.

Do a family dinner everyone will love! Heart-shaped Pizza!
     Roll out the dough, then shape into a heart. 

Wanna know the fastest way to your man's heart? 

Two words: Bacon Hearts
NOTHING says I Love You, Man, like bacon hearts!

For perfect hearts, cut strips in half, then shape half a heart at a time. 

Speaking of guilty pleasures, you could always make a Cork Heart!
(I might have to do this. ON a smaller scale.)

Organize red to white for the perfect gradient.

And for dessert, Rice Krispie kisses. 


Or, maybe peanut butter cookie hearts.

But what I really want...

Yep. I have to go make those. Now. 

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