Picture Perfect Thanksgiving Dishes, With a Twist! (Recipes Included!)

When it comes to Turkey I am a traditional girl, I love my turkey brined overnight then roasted all day, however, when it comes to sides, I like the traditional dishes too… but with a twist! Think horseradish and double cheddar mashed potatoes, or cranberries with orange-zest and jalapeños…

 I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes I have come across this year, and a couple of faves from years past… (to get the recipe for any of the following dishes click the Dish's title link and a new window will open up!)

Without further ado… Picture Perfect Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes, With a Twist! 


Leave it to me to find a way to get Goat Cheese on the table.
Lawd I love that creamy goodness!

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries!
Why they always gotta be sweet and cinnamon-y?
Kick those suckers up a notch!

(This is Sunny Anderson's recipe.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!)

Just like with Goat Cheese, if I can get Bacon on the table… It's happening.
The only other traditional dish on my table is the Traditional Green Bean Casserole.  I am a Sucker for this one.


Two Words,
(This link is to another of my personal faves, Rachel Ray!)

I LOVE this idea!
You can use any stuffing recipe you want, just bake into muffin tins.
Every one will get crispy stuffing,
and its a total over loaded Thanksgiving plate space saver!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!
My Brother-in-Law made it a few years ago and I have begged for it at every holiday since.
The dish is a perfect balance of each flavor; Cranberry, Jalapeño & Orange.
 OH. SO. GOOD!!!

For the grown-ups, Caramel Apple Cheesecake

For the littles...

What about you? Are you a traditional turkey and sides kind of person, or do you like things to have a wild twist too?  Do you have any awesome ideas you want to share?  


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