Children’s Clothes… The Vicious cycle… That NEVER ENDS!!

It’s that time of year again, where I have to pull out the 10 plus plastic storage bins that house our seasonal clothes.  Since we live in a shoebox with not enough closet space, I have to literally do this for EVERY season!  Not. Awesome.

OK. So maybe part of the problem is that I am a shopaholic, and FTD is a shoe and jacket hoarder. Whatever the reason, I have to dedicate one weekend each season to closet optimization and organization, so all of our crap will fit.

I always start in Oliver’s closet because his clothes are the easiest. Mostly because he needs new freaking clothes each season, so it is more a case of folding up his past seasons’ clothes for sale/donation or for my very favorite pieces, I pack them away just in case I have another Oliver that will fit in those clothes at the right season. Crazy I know... Whateves, that’s what I do.

Another problem I have with Ollie’s closet is that EVERYTHING has to go in there, because he is still at a stage where he unloads everything in his dresser drawers. Think over-the-head double-time furious launching. His dresser is an oversized toy box to him, so I put toys in there. This is super annoying for 101 reasons, but mostly because I cannot hang up his shorts and really do not want to hang up his pajamas. So, I have a thing I use…

As you can see, it is a super Ghetto wanna be California Closets organization system.  It works, but half of the clothes fall out of the back of it when I am digging for the right shorts to match a shirt, or GOD HELP ME, FTD goes looking for his favorite Star Wars shirt for Ollie… then my crap sytem is turned into a crap pile on the floor. 

FYI:  When I am rich, which will be soon… in my dreams... I will have California Closets insane Custom Closets. This is the closet I will have for Oliver. 

Can you imagine having that much organization?  Brings a freaking tear to my eye!!

OH, and while I am dreaming, this will be Oliver's California Closets built room...


My mom had her closets fitted by California Closets, and OH. MY. GOOOOODNESS!  Worth every freaking penny!

OH, and another FYI:  Did you know California Closets has garage storage solutions?   Yeah, me neither… Check this out!  


And while they say this is a garage storage solution, lets just call it what it is, a full-on Man-Cave Solution...

Now FTD is dropping the tear.
That man dreams of the day he can have a keg tapped in his man-cave.
I'm pretty sure so does every man...

Sorry, I digress...

Ok, so the cycle that never ends...This constant buying and organizing of little clothes every other month!  It has finally dawned on me that I have to acquire new clothes for my child every season for possibly another couple of decades??? Wow.  I think I need to start a savings account just for Oliver’s seasonal children’s clothes. UGH! 

I take for granted my favorite jeans I have worn for 10-years and counting. And isn't that the crap of it! When Ollie turns 18 years-old and can buy his own damn clothes, he will be finished growing!  Thankfully, I buy his clothes from an Online wholesale children’s clothes.

What are you doing?  How do you handle the constant need to acquire new clothes with each size growth and seasonal change?

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Unknown said...

Christian is only 3 months old and we've just started this! However... He SHARES a closet with me and hubby! :/ boo to that! And to buying too many clothes that he outgrows them before he gets much wear out of them... :( happy organizing!!

Jess said...

Our families CANNOT STOP buying Arianna clothes! She has THREE dressers FULL of clothes that fit now, and will fit in the coming months. They are all in her room, finally. And I have her drawers all organized by size. So when the time comes, we just move the clothes around. She tends to stay out of her room (thank the lord lol) but when she does go in there, all the drawers are opened and clothes are thrown all around. Her closet is packed with clothes that don't fit anymore. That is one good thing about this tiny ass apartment, there are lots of closets and storage space! I'm hoping Joe's friends, who just found out they're having a baby, will have a girl so we can pass on some her of clothes. And my sister's husband comes home from his tour in Cuba soon and they want to start trying for a baby, so she has to have a girl so we can give her clothes, too! That's our plan lol If only they didn't grow so fast!

claire said...

Not sure how the sizing works in the US but over here (the uk) the sizes increase every 3mths in the 1st year,every 6mths in the 2nd year and from 2 onwards its every year so we're in our last 6mths, and things start slowing down, which believe me they do. Sam just turned 5 and is big for his age (which I'm sure ollie will be to) at this time of year I'm looking at getting winter clothes and he fits 5-6yr old clothes but after xmas he's grown enough that I then start getting him 6-7yr old clothes. So when winter return he sorted for the 1st half of the winter. His summer clothes I normally get him a size bigger no one knows if shorts are suppose to be by his knee or just above, and he can pull of baggier t-shirts. Shoe are lasting alot longer too he's obly gone up 2sizes since xmas 2011. So it gets easier believe me. Xx

Unknown said...

I dont know about your FTD but mine will help me with laundry (which someone should smack me for complaining I know) but whenever he puts our daughters clothes away he completely screws up my organization system. Clothes that hang are in drawers, no outfits matched together, pajamas mixed with onesies in piles, ect. I dont have the heart to say anything b/c I really love that he's helping but it literally just makes more work for me and drives me insane!

January Jones said...

When I take Mason's clothes out of the closet, I organize them by size and by season and place them in bins in the attic. Because of his small stature, I was fortunate enough to get two seasons out of this past summer's wardrobe. However, this fall has been completely different because the items that still fit him in the waist are way too short on his growing legs.