New Mom Tip: The essential handbag must have!

Diaper bags are awesome and full of everything a new mom needs, but let's face it, when you are running out for a quick errand is that massive bag really necessary? No! I have come up with a great alternative to carrying that heavy bag with you everywhere you go...

This is my handbag must have...The Compact Diaper Bag.

I have turned a make-up bag into a compact diaper bag.
What you see here is all I really need for an emergency when just running out to the store.
Disposable Change Pad, Diapers, Wipes,
Dirty Diaper Disposable Bag, Onsie, Butt Paste, Lotion,
Alcohol Wipes, and Q-tips.

I fold and stack everything up...

Cram it all in the bag...

Voila! A diaper bag that fits in a handbag.

If you have a super mom tip, please share.

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