Slow down and smell the simple, sweet and incredibly beautiful moment.

(I came across this and had to repost it.  If nothing else it's a reminder to me and you to slow down...) 

Today while I was picking up the unnecessary plethora of baby toys littered all over the house, I looked over at my beautiful family and smiled.  FTD was dancing around in his underpants wearing Oliver’s tiny hat, on his not so tiny head, making Ollie giggle hysterically. I couldn’t help but say a little prayer of thankfulness for the moment.  Watching the two of them was easy, funny, simple, sweet and incredibly beautiful. Something life rarely is all at once. 

Lately Oliver has been FULL-ON!  I mean full-ass-attention-needing-crazy-baby. For starters, he is intent on a diet of cat food and power cords.  His latest, “hey mom watch this,” act of standing up in his crib and bouncing up and down while slapping the railing has caused me at least two new grey hairs. The change table log-rolling thing is doing my head in.  I am nearly a professional at ‘Ass in the Air’ diaper changing and I’m so close to loosing my shit that FTD is planning on turning the walk-in closet into a padded room for me.

I hate to look at motherhood as a life stuck in constant fast-forward and anxiety mode, but it really does feel that way sometimes.The key to maintaining my sanity is slowing myself down enough to recognize the moments that deserve my undivided attention. I don’t ever want to miss my husband half naked, wearing my son's hat, doing the stupid daddy dance just to see his son smile. Those moments are too precious to pass up. 

None of us should ever loose sight of how precious and wonderful a moment can be. All we need to do is take the time to slow down and recognize it. 

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