10 rules for mummas of little boys

Today's question comes all the way from the other side of the world, New Zealand. Mrs. G's question was prompted by an article she read online titled, "25 Rules for Mothers of Little Boys."  I recommend all of my mummies with little boys read it.  I would even have to say mummies of little girls could learn a couple of good tips from this article as well.  Very insightful.

So here goes... 

Q. What would be your top 10 rules for mummas of little boys?

(Ok, truth be told, we are in no way qualified to answer this question. Well let me rephrase that... no I mean the question... What would be your top 10 rules for mummas of little (7-month old baby) boys? 

We think we could help a few mummies out there so here goes, 5 from me and 5 from FTD....


First Time Mom's Rules:

1. To circumcise or not, is up to you. This is going to be the first major decision you will make as a new mother of a little boy. Make a very informed decision. This is YOUR family's decision and no one else's. This matter is also no one else's business but your own. Trust your heart, gut and information to guide you to the right choice for your family.

2. Point that little fire hose down!  It is inevitable that your little guy will hose you down the first few weeks, years, but if you always point his lil' wee down during diaper changes, you will have far less diaper leaks. 

3. Create your little guy's style, don't just resign to trucks and tractors. Just because your baby is not a little girl does not mean you cannot play dress up. Boys have great clothing options too. Like FTD and I dressed Oliver in his Tuxedo onesie every time we went to a party, or put him in his sports Jersey onesie every time our favorite team played. Our kid has style... when we can be bothered. ;)

4. Let your boy be a boy. Boys need to smash things, bang their heads and live a little. It was so hard for me to stand by and let FTD let Oliver cry through tummy time and learning to crawl frustrations. As a mother it is hard to be tough. I still am not, but I do see the necessity for letting a boy be a boy.

5. Play up the 'mama's boy routine- Even though I said it is necessary to let a boy be a boy, it is also necessary to love, squeeze and spoil your little boy as much as possible.  Do not hold back because he is a boy. Boy's need loads of attention and affection too. 

First Time Dad's Rules:

1. No matter what the mummy says, daddy knows best! Because We're MEN! SO too bad ladies - you can't win...you have no peepee.

2. Never let the little boy play with your newly assembled star-wars millennium falcon Lego set unsupervised.

3. If your wife has a lady friend with big bazoobas, always hand the boy over when he hasn't eaten for a while and get the camera ready.

4. Start them early on Rambo, Commando and Conan the Barbarian before Mommy's "Teletubbies" infect the boys mind and turns him soft.

5. Make new friends who have similar aged boys and then you can steal their diapers when no-one is looking. (LMAO! My husband is just not right! Not at all!)

PLEASE!  Some one help us round this list out!  Mummies of little boys... I know you have something to add!

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