The Best Teething Toys for Infants

If you've ever visited the "teething" aisle of your local baby store, then you know, it's a wall of confusion. I stood there staring at the wild wall of colors and shapes for at least 15 minutes trying to decipher what they all meant. It’s a teething toy, why so many different variations? What's most annoying, the same company would have 3 different types, with different colors, shapes, and textures, all for the same purpose! 


After about five minutes, I realized there were three basic types of teethers:

1. For front teeth, 
2. Back teeth 
3. Both, front and back. 

With Ollie working on front teeth, I was able to eliminate the back teeth teethers from the running. This left me with only 4,065, toys and pacifiers to choose from. UGH!

I opted for a Dr. Browns Teething Pacifier, and a traditional Garanimals teething ring. (Shown Below) 

Dr. Browns Infant Teether
Rated for 3mos +
It's long, flat and has ridges.
I got this last month when Oliver was 4 months old.
At first, it was a no go, but the older he gets
the more time he gives it.
Now he only uses it if he gets it sideways,
but spits it out in 30 seconds or less.
At 5 months old, it's still a FAIL!

Long story short… Both were not right.  Oliver couldn’t have been less interested in the two.  So, like a good mom, back to the store I went.  (READ: He needed to chew on something other than my dirty keys and fingers. 

Long story longer… 

Fail again.

After enough fails, I finally realized there is no perfect teether out there, just thousands that promise to be. 

I’m going to go through each one of, each type of teether I purchased, and explain why it did or didn't work. There is good news, though, you probably already have the best infant teether hanging from your stroller! 

Garanimals Teething ring
Rated for 3 months +

 The beads are WAY too big.
At 5 months old, Oliver cannot get it into his mouth.
It's also hard and very heavy for a baby.
Oliver shook it like a rattle and hit himself in the head.

This is an Epic fail.

Rated for 3 months +
This is near twice the size of my palm.
It is hard, and the rattle in the middle makes it heavy.
Oliver cannot figure out how to hold it, let alone chew on it.
It's much too complex for my 5-month-old baby.
The edges are also too big to get into his mouth,
and the pointed edges have made him gag.

These are basic water filled teethers.
Optimal for infants: small, light and easy to hold.

I highly recommend a stint in the refrigerator, 
NOT the freezer,
 it's too cold for those little fingers!

We got Sofie at my baby shower.
Ollie Loves Sofie.
He shoves Sofie in his mouth every day.
The best aspect of this toy is that its soft and light weight.
Great for infants!


These are basic "Links" and come in packs of multiples,for under $5!
Each has a different color, pattern, and texture. some even have a soft rubber around them! Most of all they are very light, safe and easy to hold.  Another plus is that they are very inexpensive, Five Bucks! And they have soooooo many more uses!

The soft monkey I added since Ollie loves to chew on him. All of these things are easy to wash and sanitize. Hands down the very best teethers for infants.

If I could I would return every one of the expensive "teethers." In my experience, infants do not have the ability to hold AND chew on the complex, heavy, large teething toys.  Possibly when your baby is older these complex toys will work. For now, stick to the (inexpensive) basics; plastic links and soft toys. 


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