Best tips for new moms!

I have come up with a few mommy tips of my own. I'm not saying I made them up, since I am sure other very brilliant mommies have figured these things out too.   But, just in case you have not here are a few of my faves that I have come up with, on my own.
When dressing Oliver in the morning
 I always put one arm in first,
pull the shirt over his head
then put the other arm in.
It's so much easier than head first.

Now, at 4 months, he hates being on his back,
he lays there fussing trying to sit up.
He loves his play mat and his Bumbo,
so I married the two!
Voila a new docking station!
He spends ten minutes plus playing there.
For a baby, that is EPIC!

I did not come up with this, but I love it!
Before bath I put him on his belly
and wipe the gunk out of his neck.
Then once in the bath I use my soapy hand
to wash his neck.
The combo works like a charm!

  •  I have safety Q-tips (cotton buds) on the table next to where I feed him at night. That way I can gently clean his ears out without him moving his head around.
  • During nap time I put a dark red blanket over his mobile to darken his crib.  It helps him sleep longer.
  • When he is WAY over tired and miserable, I take him into my room, lay on my side on the bed, pull him close cradling him in my arm and put my free hand on his bottom.  I push him up and down quickly while SHHHHHing loudly.  He is asleep in less than two minutes! 

I look forward to coming up with more of my own tips, because the satisfaction is AWESOME! 

If you have a tip please share.  Trust me I need to hear it.  4 months in and I am just now using the diaper to wipe the poo before using my first wipe... It's a process... ; )

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