Baby Gas! How to relieve the discomfort.

I suppose the only way to follow my husbands "Shit Wars" blog is to talk about the evil beast that precedes it, Gas!  I was told that a baby usually only cries for three reasons, Hungry, Tired or Wet. WRONG! Well, I guess if we are going to be technical about it, Oliver doesn't cry from gas, he SCREAMS!

My poor little guy has gas that rivals my pregnancy gas, massive and constant. (Thank God it doesn't rival the smell!  How bad would that gas karma suck?) The real issue is that, according to my doctor, babies don’t know what to do with gas. They tend to fight the sensation to let it pass. So, like with all other pains, the babe scream until it is alliveated.

Oliver is clearly scared to let it pass, so true to form, he grunts and fights it every step of the way. It usually plays out like this, Ollie is lying there minding his own business, happy and cooing, then out of nowhere, a blood-curdling scream comes out of his little mouth.  Then he alternates screaming and crying until he passes the gas.  It is so incredibly sad.

There are only a couple of ways that I know of, to sooth an infants gas issues. 

1. Bicycle the legs-My doctor said this is the best method to pass the gas or at least alleviate the pain quickly.
2. Hold him straight up and down-Rub his back trying to let the gas fall out so to speak.
3. Massage his little tummy- I personally don’t find this to help me. I don’t really know what I’m doing so I leave this to daddy, the gas king!
4. Put him on his belly and pushing his little booty up and down-to encourage him to pass the gas. My sister swears by this.
5. Gas Drops! Gas drops are great, I give him his necessary dosage and within minutes he is noticeably better, he's not screaming anymore! Gripe Water is also another medication like option. However, I personally prefer Gas drops for Gas problems.

Lately the poor guy has been having the worst time with gas.  I also have been giving him more bottles a day.  When we have houseguest it is easier for me to just give him a pumped bottle and then pump a little later when it's more convenient for me.  I know most mothers put a few gas drops in every bottle they give their bub.  I usually give Oliver his bottle, burping every couple ounces, and then when we are finished, all chances of projectile spewing are over, I give him a few drops with the dropper.

So next time your baby screams out, and you know she/ he is NOT wet, hungry or tired, think the Fifth Beatle, GAS!   I cannot tell you how many times the hubs and I have scratched our heads in confusion over why Ollie was crying after checking the three usual culprits.  Now that we know gas is a major cry stimulator to look for we are all are getting through these colic like screaming bouts better.  We usually try to go through all of the home remedies before the gas drops.  But, I'll admit since he has been having so much trouble lately with the bottles, I just give him the drops immediately then bicycle his legs.  My doctor said the poor littler guy will eventually realize what he is feeling, and let the gas out. Thank God, because we all know evil gas is so much better out than in!

Oh and remember...A bottle should always be stirred never shaken! (air bubbles get in the shaken bottle causing MORE gas!)

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