10 Tips For A Super Awesome Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I should drop a few hints and tips to help those dads and kids out there looking for free and easy ways to create the perfect Mother's Day. Below are 10 sure to please Mother's Day ideas...

1. Let mom sleep in! Who doesn't love a few extra minutes... or hours of sleep?

2. Breakfast in Bed is AMAZING, but so is cleaning up after it.  Don't leave it for mom to do!

3. The only thing better than a clean kitchen... A clean house! Give mom a break from Sunday chores and do them for her!

4. Clean your room! Dads... Kids... Clean up after yourselves ALL day.  Mom will LOVE it!

5. Kids... Get along! All day... NO fighting, bickering, bitch slapping, toy hogging, sand/rock throwing, TV show fighting...  Act like you actually love each other.

6. Dad... While I am sure you are perfectly agreeable and can find anything in the house you need, spend the day in a selfless state and also try actually looking for something first before asking... just saying...

7. Mothers... Yes, it is totally your day, but unfortunately, it's your own Mother's day and your Mother-in-law's day too, so should you have issues, do your best to smile through it... just like the kids, no bickering, bitch slapping or sand/rock throwing. This will make for a wonderful day for all mothers involved. If it becomes too much, write down the things you want to say and do, then on Monday... game on!

8. All moms love naps. If mom wants to take a nap, let her and maybe everyone else in the house take one too, that way she is sure to have a nice nap... one where Hot Wheels and Barbies are not shoved in her face with questions about if she is awake, or when is she going wake up, every five minutes.

9. If mom cleaned the house on Saturday, and there is no housework needed, don't screw it up! If the house is clean, leave it that way! No sticky fingers or Popsicles left to melt on the table.  Do not get food on the couch, floor, bed or dog. In fact, don't even eat one goldfish cracker on Mother's Day. Lift the seat, wash hands, and put things back where you found them. It's only for one day, surely you can make some sort of fun game out of not screwing the place up!

10. Of course mom wants to spend the day showered in love and presents, but maybe not staying attached to her the entire day would be nice too. If mom wants to run out for a mani/pedi, shopping trip or peace and quiet, let her go... alone! In fact, tell her she should go do that, so you can clean the house/keep it clean while she is away. Yep, send mom off for some alone time and clean the house/keep it clean while she is away, and I promise that will be the most perfect Mother's day gift EVER!  Don't forget the toilets...

April is an award-winning writer, blogger and proud debut novelist - The Devlyn Disguise. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more about April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com


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