Are You Up For The Challenge? If So, Bring It! #30/30Challenge

I am SO excited about this 30/30 Challenge.  What's more, I am SO blown away by the response I have gotten from you all!  From post comments, to emails, to social media RSVPs.  You all are AMAZING!  I cannot wait to get this program going.  I just know we are all going to be so much healthier, happier and ready to take the holidays and, for some of us, winter head on.

For those of you just joining, here is what is going on....


Wordless Wednesday- One Word-Motivation. OK-One More- Funny

In honor of the 30/30 Challenge, (Only 6 Days away!) I thought I would take advantage of Wordless Wednesday, by sharing some motivational posters.  No. Seriously.  You know Those Motivational Posters... the ones that say "Motivation" underneath...  

I Googled Motivation, found them and decided to have a bit of fun, First Time Mom & Dad Style.  Happy Hump day (Humor) my friends, I hope you enjoy! AND Join me on the Super 30/30 Walking Challenge - YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT!!!

BAWAHAHAHA!  Dr. Phil just called you out!


10 Catchy Comebacks For The Parenting Haters #BlockingOutTheHaters

Yesterday my article on 10 Toys You Should Never Buy Your Child, was published on the Huffington post, and almost immediately started trending towards going viral. Of course I was stoked, but I know what else comes with a viral article on the Huff; Haters. Big mean nasty haters that question me, my parenting and my child's happiness.  

You all, it hurts. 

Because I let it. 


So today's Top 10 Tuesday post is a list of 10 comebacks for the haters. We all know them, encounter them, and need to block them out!  

1. Oh, I'm sorry, I don't speak judgmental.  Have a nice day! 

2. Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything.

Motherhood Means Making Tough Choices....


If I have learned anything on my short journey through motherhood so far, is that it's ALL about choices.  Lots of very tough choices like... 

Should I...

Laugh or cry ... When I go to clean the cat litter out and find it full of Hot Wheels and mommy's make-up. (True Story) (When do the eyes grow in the back of my head that other moms speak of?)

Get annoyed or be impressed...When he pulls the cushion off the couch, jumps and put his leg through the small hole in the couch, then claims it as his (not-so) secret hiding place and stuffs it full of toys...


It's time for the 30/30 challenge. (NOT a review! This is ALL me!)

Yay the holidays are nearly here!  Crap the winter is coming...

I am a prime example of how history repeats itself. In three months I am going to be cold, five to ten pounds heavier, and most likely broke from the holidays. This is the vicious cycle of my life living in a cold climate during the holidays.  Well, enough is enough!  I am going set the wheels in motion to change that.  Hopefully you will join me!  (My Southern Hemisphere and warm winter friends don't you go running off just yet, you are going to want to get in on this too!)

A few months ago I caught an episode of "The Doctors," where they were talking about all kinds of different diet and exercise fads, and even had people test out a few.  Of them all, the one that stuck with me the most was the "30 Day Walking Challenge." Basically, you walk for thirty minutes a day for thirty days straight. That's it. You don't have to diet, lift weights or fall on your face in a Zumba class.  Just walk for 30-minutes for 30-days.

I know what you are thinking...

Ok, Ok, here is the motivation you need...


Holy Mother of Crap... He talks!

I was just talking with a girlfriend, who's son is just a few days younger than Ollie, about how it seems over night our little babies have become little boys.  One minute they are toddling terrors, then the next they are running, climbing, and now, talking terrors!  Really. Over Night.

If you have a toddler terror crossing the 18-month old mark, or one that already has, then you know what I am talking about. It's no secret that Ollie was cruising at eight months, walking by ten and then full sprint running by his first birthday, which is well ahead of the curve.  But when it came to everything else, he was at times, well behind the curve.

 I ran around calling him a meat head for a while because he was super athletic, but not so great at talking, listening or even being interested in using utensils to feed himself.

Thank Goodness he cannot say everything he is thinking.


So Cool Kids Soaps are just that, SO COOL! (Review w/ #Giveaway)

Today it is my sheer pleasure to tell you about a couple of products that I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! OK, one more. LOVE!

I have the worst sensitive skin, and my fear is that Ollie will have it too. In fact, I am afraid he already has shown signs of it, from little bumps on his back when FTD uses the wrong soap on him in the bath.  For this reason, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on “all-natural organic” soaps for Ollie.  In fact, once I spent $21 for this supposed miracle tear free baby soap.  I know… I need my head checked.  FTD reminded me of that the minute he found out how much I spent. FYI:  It sucked and was NOT tear free!  That all being said, I have recently been turned on to two types of soap the WHOLE family can use.  Finally.

So Cool Kids Soap is just that, SO COOL!  And what’s more it reminds both FTD and I of our child hood.  Check this out…


Epic Fail: Why I should not be allowed out in public.

Growing up I was never one to idolize famous people. I did not wall paper my walls with teen stars like my friends did, or get all crazy over boy bands like the NKOTB.  Up until two hours ago, I could safely say I have never been star struck when meeting or seeing ANY famous person. (FYI: I grew up in miami, have spent loads of time in NYC-and live in a city where famous people flood to once a year. I have met and seen a few.)

Thanks to one famous author, that has all changed. BIG TIME. Now, I am a total freaking star-struck loser who should be committed for being a bumbling idiot! What happened you ask? I cried.  I cried over my literary idol, and I feel like such a loser!

Picture it, a book signing for Sue Grafton's latest book W is for Wasted, people everywhere. I am so excited I am going to pee my pants. The problem is that the minute I laid eyes on Mrs Grafton, I didn't pee my pants, I peed my eyes. Dammit, where is the hole when you need it to crawl into!?! Yes, I made a complete and utter fool out of myself in front of the great Sue Grafton, author of the Kinsey Millhone alphabet mysteries.

Before I tell you anymore about my social suicide, I think I should at least build my case for it.


Do You Need a Timeout Worse Than a Toddler? I Bet You Do.

I was recently invited to take something called a Tech Timeout. Basically, I took a pledge to take one hour away from technology for three days straight.  You all, asking me to give up technology, even for one (waking) hour, is like asking CNN to report only the true facts for an hour. Seriously. Same thing. Almost impossible to fathom.

I am so super addicted to technology.  Helloooo I am a blogger plugged into every social media channel available. I'm so far gone into the technology dependent abyss that I even check my emails when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I know. I know. I need my head checked.

Being that I know I need to unplug from the tech world, I happily accepted the challenge. If nothing else,  just to see if I could do it.


Top Ten Tuesday: Family Themed Halloween Costumes.

It's that time of year again, Halloween! Time to spend an obnoxious amount of money on pre-made plastic crap costumes.  Or, if you are one of those crafty bitches out there... then well, yeah, I'll need a costume for me FTD and the Man-child too.  

If you are still undecided, then good news...  Here are 10, both store bought and homemade, family themed halloween costumes ideas to inspire you.


Sunday Book Review: The Smartest Kids in The World: And How They Got That Way

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I am over-the-top passionate about education, and have openly attacked the deplorable US public education system.  Hoping to find the “cure” to our ailing education standards, I have reached out to educators both in the US and around the world. While in most cases the consensus is the very wide cracks in the system, the lack of support for teachers, dwindling financial support and encouragement from parents in the home, the answers to actually fixing the issues just weren’t there.  Until now. 


And How They Got That Way
By Amanda Ripley
Illustrated. 306 pp. 
Simon & Schuster.

Amanda Ripley’s new book, The Smartest Kids in The World: And How They Got That Way, is an education game changer. It’s filled with hard facts, staggering statistics, and a sobering view into the classrooms around the world making the grades, and why the US is not. 


Am I robbing my son of his anonymity?

I never planned on writing this blog.  I never thought I would ever be a "blogger" for that matter.  I started my pregnancy blog, tiredofbeingpregnant.com because I am a writer and felt shut down on the pregnancy forums for voicing my opinions. I never expected that blog to grow into anything, and I certainly did not expect to start this blog, but after getting so much encouragement to keep writing after my son's birth...  Regardless of how it happened, here I am now, a mommy blogger with my son's beautiful face posted all over the damn place.  I never ever meant for this to happen.

I always swore I would never post photos of my son like my friends who over posted their kids on social media.  I also swore I would NEVER let my child become famous or work in media of any type.  Yet, somehow, I have done just what I said I would "never" do. Never say never...


Epic MOMstrous Fail #44... The Hair Cut.

As you know, the epic fail posts are by far the best source on this site for learning what not to do as a parent. Well, today, I am definitely not going to disappoint.  This fail might be my most epic of all...  

Ollie has only had one haircut in his life. It was right after his first birthday. FTD gave it to him. I cried.  (You can read all about it here.)

Here we are now, six months later, with his hair growing over his ears, and boarding on girly, so I decided it was time for a hair cut.  In an effort to save me a few bucks, and Ollie a few tears, I decided to give him a Momtastic hair cut!  

No, I do not have any business doing such a thing, but I thought, Whatever! how hard can it be to trim the boy's hair? My friends, it was hard, very hard.  I screwed it up. Really. Bad.

The only way to tell this story is with photos...