Halloween Eats and Treats The Entire Family Will Love!


Thanks to Covid-19, this Halloween will be like nothing we have experienced. And most likely, not in a good way. I keep praying for torrential rain to blame Mother Nature for ruining Halloween, not the pandemic. Still, we can't ignore Halloween. Our kids won't let us! So, to bring a little cheer to the holiday fear... below are some yummy Halloween eats and treats to make the day as memorable as possible, and I'm not talking about hot dogs that look like fingers. Been there. Done that.

Halloween Tie-Die Bunt Cake

Super simple Cheese puff pumpkin bags. You can buy decorative bags at the grocery or dollar tree and fill them yourself. Cheap and easy!

Monster Marshmallow popsSo easy, the kids can make them...

Ear wax (caramel) marshmallows: SO gross and so easy to make!

Skeleton Cheese Skull

Spider PB&J! I love Healthy Halloween-inspired treats.

This Monster Meatloaf is so gross. I'm totally feeding it to my family.

Pumpkin drink cooler: GENIUS!

Coffin Bread Bowl: SO EASY! No directions are needed...

Homemade gummy worms: We make these a few times a year. Fun and easy!

What's your favorite? Have you ever tried any?

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